Checkerboard Squares Free Patterns


Checkerboard Squares or Square-in-a-square blocks set on point are surrounded by a striking blue toile to create a timeless, treasured quilt. free pattern is what you were looking for? A blue quilt for your bed and leave the room a little piece of heaven? So here’s the blue combined with the various shades you’ve been looking for. And the best thing is that you can download it for free now without difficulty.

Checkerboard Squares free pattern

Checkerboard Squares 01
Checkerboard Squares 01

The creator and designer of this beautiful and wonderful Checkerboard Squares quilt project in fascinating shades of blue is our dear Marinda Stewart. We can already see and perceive the wonderful taste that Marinda has when elaborating this beautiful work.

If you are like me who loves colors in our bedspreads and blankets then we can be sure that this bedspread is ideal for our beds or for our children.

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In countries like Brazil for example, this bedspread is actually one of the best selling pieces of clothing or handicrafts or bedding. For some good reason Brazil likes the colors, blue, truth, yellow and white.


Checkerboard Squares 01
Checkerboard Squares 01

In Europe these colors with Checkerboard Squares are also very welcome and Europeans like many of the blue colors because of its history and its flag for being and having blue in much of its territory.

Checkerboard Squares is really a beautiful assembly of blue boards mounted in dark tones with white caveats. The interesting thing about this pattern is that we don’t get sick of them and it transmits not a feeling of hope like Rhapsody in Blue, but a perspective and peace.

Download Pattern 01Download Pattern 02 – I really find this part of how each of us sees a meaning in what we do or create for other people very interesting. Checkerboard Squares and Rhapsody in Blue are two great patterns in shades of blue that you should do today or as soon as possible.



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