Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns is a wonderful pattern that you change our perspective of multiple colors and shapes in a single quilt. Using black colors like black is an eccentric and courageous way to use with other bright and vivid colors.

Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns

Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns
Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns

This particular item is for you who works with sewing to earn your everyday money or still uses it to supplement your family income. It doesn’t matter which country or city the sewing is, it’s a source of income that never runs out.

In this case, Quilt Confetti Colours is a type of quilt that you can sell more easily than usual due to the integral use of colors that this work composes in the assembly of your flaps. It is actually very interesting how the most varied types of cuts have been placed.

The sewing must as always be done carefully and I can say that not a smart one in this area, but you will spend at least 4 to 7 days to finish. Well I took 7 days actually.

What was my surprise at this Quilt Confetti Colours?

Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns
Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns

I was in the middle of this quilt when I got a visit from a neighbor to borrow a plant watering can, when I saw the quilt, she just got amazed and asked me to sell it.

And I made her an offer of 590 dollars and she paid me the same day… think of the happiness of knowing that this bedspread would be sold quickly. And that opened me up to trying to make another one and offer it to other neighbors… but I didn’t even have to do that…Quilt Confetti Colours.

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My neighbor has already gone out halfway around the world and bought a wonderful quilt that was unique and by the way paid the check. It didn’t take me 2 days to receive 14 orders worth 590… in fact it takes a while to do and whoever asked me to pay 50% in advance and the rest on delivery.

I always do it 50% in the entrance and 50% ne delivery if it’s not so there is no business, not even. It’s a security guard that I have from my job and after ready the person has 10 days to pick up or she loses for another who pays in cash.

I work hard, stay in a machine sitting, standing, hours awake, sometimes I do not enjoy my husband in some nights to fulfill my commitments so I need to be categorical when it comes to do and receive my work.

There are still other details that I always take care of when making our bedspreads or pillows or clothes. I wanted to take advantage and ask you, do you like clothes molds? I have some here and would like to make a PDF to give to you.

Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns
Quilt Confetti Colours Free Patterns

Our next article will be a wonderful PDF with a pillowcase that goes great with this bedspread I think you’ll really like this super easy to make and beautiful pillow.

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If you like our Quilt Confetti Colours we ask you to comment here below and of course APPROVE to put it like you do to sell it and not take it out on some profiteers. After all our work is our daily bread. I love you.


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