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Colour Pop Quilt Pattern free

Colour Pop Quilt Pattern is a different pattern that you can use on several occasions not only on special days like Christmas, which by the way this bedspread is wonderful to decorate your home on this very special day, not only in your bedroom but also in the living room or other place you wish to use.

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Colour Pop Quilt Pattern
Colour Pop Quilt Pattern – spotlightstores.com

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Colour Pop Quilt Free

A highlight of this pattern is exactly the part that mixes the flowers of several types (of course the prints of the fabrics that are flowers) with others of different sizes and designs.

It’s a very beautiful and shaped creation that we can use, and this makes us have other ideas to do in the same direction however, what I liked the most here is actually the part that on the front is the white in highlight and on the other side is the black in highlight.

This gives us the idea that we can do with different kinds of colors, for example, instead of using roses and flowers and reds the Colour Pop Quilt allows us to use colors like blue, pink, green and even black roses.

Speaking of pattern I was forgetting this pattern comes from the site spotlightstores.com and girls is a wonderful pattern that the site editors created. How good is it to know that there are several patterns that we can use, isn’t it true?

Well back to our Colour Pop Quilt we have also can see that the shapes of the squares assembled have different sizes and with the flowers also in different sizes.

The big find here for me is that I like to use my bedspreads in several ways, sometimes I like to use by folding one end, other times I like to leave it crossed, other times diagonally, in the middle of the bed and unfortunately not always the patterns (and the bedspreads I have here at home) serve to do this.

You can’t use this one in many ways anymore and I’m looking forward to making this pattern and I’m sure you should be too.

How can I use a tablecloth like this? If you want to use a bedspread as a tablecloth you must first see if it is not too cuddly, because if it is the objects you are going to put above it they may not have balance and fall.

But the great thing is that you do not do both sides but only one side with a well done finish and if you find the back seams too coarse, put only a very thin bottom not too heavy, after all you will be doing is a tablecloth and not a bedspread, agree?

I like to do is to leave the seams very tight and very thin to avoid the ripples and thus leave the “tablecloth” or table lining unstable to place objects, but remember each seamstress has a technique for this!

Colour Pop Quilt if you really like these fabrics and want to use them themselves then you can use the links below to buy your favorite!

Colour Pop Quilt Pattern
Colour Pop Quilt Pattern – spotlightstores.com


Material Requirements:

  • 20cm Fabric N – Multi Chevron, grey
  • 20cm Fabric O – Mono Spot Small, yellow
  • 20cm Fabric P – Mono Spot Small, orange
  • 20cm Fabric Q – Mono Spot Small, pink
  • 20cm Fabric R – Prima Homespun, candy
  • 1.5m Fabric S – Prima Homespun, silver
  • 4.8m Mono Spot Small, royal or fabric of choice for backing
  • 2m x 250cm wide cotton/bamboo batting
  • Matching ‘Gutermann’ 100% cotton thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat & quilters rulers
  • Quilting pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine with ¼” foot & walking foot

Note: All fabrics should be 100% cotton, washed & pressed. 1/4″ seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated. Read all instructions carefully before commencing the quilt.  We hope you enjoyed this article and that of course you can leave your comment and color suggestions and also to be able to add the girls’ ideas. Comment below what you think.

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