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Quilt Bow Ties pattern free

Quilt Bow Ties pattern is a very nice blanket, if we can also call it that way, with very attractive colors that makes a difference in your home decor or even for a picnic in the Square or if you prefer What about the air on the beach or even the loss of a good wine accompanied by a beautiful work like this? Let’s talk now about this very beautiful pattern that is simple and attention-grabbing.

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Quilt Bow Ties pattern
Quilt Bow Ties pattern Design: by Nancy McNally

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Quilt Bow Ties pattern

Basically speaking (Quilt Bow Ties pattern) it is composed of four for as you can see in the image so are brown, pink, white and a light green. All the things in this pattern stand out even white. So we can’t say that a certain color attracts attention and another doesn’t. This pattern is exactly the opposite of all the colors in the pattern. This pattern is exactly the opposite – all the colors are interrelated and draw attention to each other as well as to each individual.

Really although in the PDF Quilt Bow Ties pattern itself is written I would use this pattern for a picnic snack with the family for home or for that table in a camp or even to put on the floor in the tent when making a camp, now if you prefer to use also as a blanket for your bed is very welcome.

A simple and beautiful boss like this one that fills the eyes then also brings that Harmony feeling of joy and tranquility is a boss if you want to use for your family, and if you take a suggestion use the same ones with this one you can see in this Quilt Bow Ties patternor in the image here.

Now if you intend to use the same scheme, I mean the graphics, you can use and put the colors in the way you want friendship I take state quite a lot and I will make original and I will make also with the modified colors.

Quilt Bow Ties pattern
Quilt Bow Ties pattern Design: by Nancy McNally

And if you already read our old Despite some errors in English spelling actually I believe you can understand perfectly, so my imagination It would be as follows imagine with me look well at the picture this Quilt Bow Ties pattern and now imagine:

In the place I can I put of black, in the white I keep, in the place of the light green I would put red finally in the place of the brown I would make a link perhaps yellow to really not high contrast, and in my imagination when the person saw from afar it would turn a mixture of colors highly differentiated.

What colors would you use in this pattern? Would you use this let’s say blanket to a picnic or for your home? It is true that these are two very difficult questions, but if you accept one more suggestion make two and use them for each place you want.

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Some important information about this pattern you should check now and soon after you can see again in the pdf in detail:

  • This Quilt Bow Ties pattern Design: by Nancy McNally
  • Project Specifications Skill Level: Advanced
  • Quilt Size: 553/4″ x 58″ Block Size: 8″ x 14″ Number of Blocks: 23

Download pattern 01 – Download now the complete and well explained PDF directly from the source and don’t worry if you can’t download it leave your comment

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