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Dresden Table Topper Pattern

This Dresden Table Topper his stunning Dresden table quilt will be beautiful in your favorite colors. It’s perfect for a round table but will also be nice on a square one. The intricate design is achieved with standard piecing using the provided templates. Clear, illustrated instructions walk you through every steps.

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Dresden Table Topper

While we love the blues chosen by the designer, it’s easy to imagine the topper in other colors. Choose one predominate color or select a mix of coordinating fabrics.

Dresden Table Topper
Dresden Table Topper by etsy.com

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It will be lovely in whatever colors and fabric styles you choose. The finished quilt, from Quilt Fox Designs, is 39 1/2″ across.

Specifically this pattern is not free, it is paid for and you can buy the full PDF here at etsy.com. Sure our site is free patterns, but then why did we put this pattern on? First that I loved the pattern and needed to talk about it.

Second I will try to make this pattern following two free patterns that we have here, and the important thing here is to follow the common sense and of course have knowledge, in this case the way that I will do I think I can classify as intermediate to advanced.

The first step I will do is to follow the step by step here on the blog thecraftyquilter.com/chunky-dresden which explains very detailed how to make this pattern. The move here is to make the pattern in the size I want. which in this case will be with a final size of 39 1/2″, maybe bigger or smaller, I’m still looking into that.

Access to two tutorials and download pattern new

So you can start to make this pattern or get close to it, check out the free tutorial here. Through this pattern I am sure that you, as well as I, can get to this wonderful pattern. Tutorial Free: thecraftyquilter.com/chunky-dresden Original tutorial: etsy.com

Here you can now download a new PDF of this beautiful pattern. Download the PDF to get to know this beautiful quilt. This one is actually so beautiful that we made sure to put it up for you to download.

Dresden quilt pattern is a sensational pattern that you can use for various applications such as a tablecloth, a beautiful cover for your bed, a beautiful quilt to make your nights warmer and more beautiful!

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  1. love this pattern. would like to make one for my table. How do i go about purchasing a pattern to make one,as i live in Canada and when i purchase from USA. i have problems. When it asks for a zip code I try putting in my postal code and it never works. it doesnt seem to accept postal codes.


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