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Essentials Harmony Pattern Looking for a different and at the same time very running pattern with special work getting down this pattern as the name sells a harmony and essential between the colors and between and also the geometry was made. Let’s talk a little about the pattern?

Essentials Harmony Pattern

Essentials Harmony Pattern
Essentials Harmony Pattern


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This Essentials Harmony Pattern caught my attention a lot, even though I had already seen some of them somewhere, I really don’t remember where it was that I looked at one of these, similar just not exactly like this one.

The Simple Basic Essentias Harmony Pattern was designed by Heidi Pridemore, I think that’s how he writes the name of the designer who qualifies the pattern as intermediate and I really agree with him, a beginner can do it, but will have some doubts.

Essentials Harmony Pattern has all border strip length measurements are appoximate. Measure you quilt top before cutting the length of each border, this is the main tip from pattern designer Heidi Pridemore.

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The most incredible of the pattern is that for him to be made was necessary 31 types of different fabrics, good of course you can do with less, or with more that divides you clearly spoken.

The PDF of this pattern is very simple and I even found it interesting that it doesn’t have any clutter of the type full of ads, or pictures or other things that take the focus away from the main objective of the pattern.

The simplicity with which it was made is so practical and important to our eyes that you can even with a simple look memorize what is necessary to make the Essentials Harmony pattern.

I am sure you will find the same thing once you start making your quilt work. An important detail in this pattern is that the author, or designer, made a point to make it very clear which fabrics he used and recommends to make exactly this pattern.

The pattern as you can see in the image above is made with printed fabrics which seek to darken the edges from the inside out. To explain it in a better way: the central part of the pattern is light and as it goes out (towards the edges) it starts to darken this gives a reverse gradient effect, i.e. from the inside to the outside.

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This type of effect, or gradient is fashionable and you can find it in various types of sewing, painting and home decoration, and even in crochet and knitting, and of course when working with fabrics, and be it basic sewing to high sewing the gradient has gained more and more space and admirers.

As we said this Essentials Harmony Pattern is quite different from the usual that I have seen, so I talked to my husband who loves quilts, comforters, sheets, colorful blankets that I will make, he surprised me when he mentioned that he wants yes, but as a kind of blanket for the sofa for Christmas time.

Well, if the husband loved the pattern and made me a request like that there is no way to refuse, now it’s just buy the fabrics and start making …, but frankly I’m swamped with services to do will not take long I’ll start asking for help (heheheh)

We hope you liked the pattern, which is very different, that you can make it with colors and prints to your liking, and of course, that you can have fun doing a beautiful job. Oh, I almost forgot. You can only download the pattern once. It will go to your email and after that it will stay there forever.

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