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Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt

Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt is a wonderful type of pattern created for anyone who wishes to do so. Designed by Judith Sandstrom  in freepatterns.com Sew a fun baby blanket with 3-D butterflies using this free sewing pattern. Four-Patch blocks alternate with Butterfly blocks, making a design that perfectly suits a sweet baby girl. Finished baby blanket size is 42″ x 54″.

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Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt

Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt
Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt

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Below I will tell you 4 interesting curiosities about butterflies I hope you enjoy this curious read.

1. Butterflies and moths

Beautiful and delicate, all kinds of butterflies are enchanting. However, the moth – a very similar insect – is not so lucky. What many people don’t know is that butterflies and moths are very close species, being considered “sisters” by scientists.

They belong to the order Lepidoptera, one of the most varied in the animal world. In addition to many similarities, butterflies and moths both undergo metamorphosis, changing from caterpillar to cocoon, and finally gaining wings. Many believe that the difference between butterflies and moths is only aesthetic, but this is not true.

To differentiate a moth from a butterfly, it is necessary to pay attention to its anatomy. Butterflies have thin, smooth antennae, while moths have thick, hairy-looking antennae. The wings also give a good indication: When a butterfly is resting, it leaves its wings up. Moths, on the other hand, keep their wings spread wide and lowered.

2. Many butterfly species

You’ve probably already been enchanted by different butterflies. With their varied colors, butterfly flights fill the eyes and warm the heart.

But did you know that there are many, many species of butterflies all over the world? Studies indicate that there are probably more than 150,000 lepidopteran species of butterflies and moths flying around. Of these, more than 3,500 are found in Brazil.

If you are only interested in butterflies, no problem: there are more than 17,500 catalogued species worldwide. This is good news for fans of this insect, who will be able to delight in the flight of thousands of different species!

3. Another curiosity: Taste buds

One of the great curiosities about the butterfly is that it uses its feet for tasting. Have you ever observed a butterfly delicately landing on a flower? Well, you should know that during this graceful act it is actually tasting the flowers with its feet!

It sounds a bit strange to us, but some insects taste flavors through their feet. This is a great way to know which place is safe to land, feed, and even reproduce. And if you imagine that it must be unpleasant to walk around tasting everything, you should know that this is an important evolutionary characteristic for insects!

Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt
Free Pattern Butterfly Quilt

4. The butterfly’s life is short

If you think you could spend an eternity watching beautiful butterflies fly around, we have bad news: in this case, eternity can be very short. Butterfly Quilt pattern have an intense life, but not a very long one.

Did you like it? Now you can download the pattern as a PDF and make it in the colors you find most interesting, but remember that the colors must suit your purpose. So I ask the famous question? To whom would you give this quilt as a gift?

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  1. Love butterflies, we had a quilt donated this year to our local cancer patient fund. Would love another but not sure I could make it because of health issues. Thanks Betty


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