Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free There are bosses there is this amazing pattern mind considered one of the most difficult to make and of course one of the most beautiful that can be made due to its multitude of colors. The colors can be of neutral fabrics, colored and of course the printed ones in this pattern the creativity one can say that the sky is the limit.

Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free

Classic and timeless; those are the words that can describe the FREE Giant Dahlia Quilt Pattern. This pattern has been around for years but still got its impeccable look that stands out! The dahlia quilt shows versatility as well for it suits almost any decor.

Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free


Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free

Giant Dhalia Quilt

Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free
Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free

You will definitely have fun designing your very own dahlia quilt because you can use your inner creativity in mixing and matching colors that’ll depend mainly on your own preference. Let your imagination do its thing!

Materials Needed To Make The Giant Quilt

You can either mixed it up with a modern motif bedroom with nude or pastel shades or with an eye-catching traditional bedroom setting with bold and striking colors.

  • 1/4 yard solid color for A
  • 2 1/2 yards light print for # 1 (for B and M)
  • 2 1/2 yards dark print for # 1 (for C, E, and L)
  • 5/8-yard medium print for # 1 (for D and M)
  • 1 yard light print for # 2 (for G )
  • 1-yard medium print for # 2 (for F)
  • 1/2-yard dark print for # 2 (for H)
  • 7 yards muslin (for I, J, K, N and panel)
  • 7 1/2 yards backing and facing fabric
  • Batting – 80 inches x 102 inches

The Quilt Pattern Is Perfect For

Stay-at-home Moms and GrandmothersQuilting is a perfect yet productive way to pass time. Most moms or even grandmothers will find the dahlia quilt pattern very enticing for how it blooms and turns the motif of most bedrooms more appealing than it has ever been.

They can make this dahlia quilt pattern for themselves in their respective rooms. Each members of the family could also have one as well to match the entire family! Just make sure to match the motif of each bedroom for them to customize colors correctly. This can also be a perfect present to their loved ones and friends especially their grandchildren.

Giant Dhalia Quilt More ideas

Those who wanted to start a small-scale businessQuilting is a craft that requires time, effort, and dedication. You really have to have a bag of patience to pursue this kind of craft. But if you love making hand-crafted items and think of it as both your hobby and passion, why not earn doing the things you love? Making your own design and color of this dahlia quilt pattern will definitely sell out for its unique style and enticing appearance!

Giant Dhalia Quilt Download

Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free
Giant Dhalia Quilt Pattern Free

The only pattern we have found referring to it is this one which you can download back here below and that of course for free there are other patterns but unfortunately they cost a few several dollars it really is a bit heavy but as our site emphasizes on beautiful patterns that can be downloaded for free to represent their authors we could only find this one but we also don’t know who created it as there is no name of a blog or an author.

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