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Diamonds on Parede Quilt

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Diamonds on Parede Quilt Pattern is the kind of bedding blanket or quilt that many women are loving to make to put in their bedroom and make their bedroom decor as peaceful and tender as possible.

Diamonds on Parede Quilt Pattern

Diamonds on Parede Quilt
Diamonds on Parede Quilt designed by Judith Sandstrom – free-quilting.com

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The combined colors of blue with beige pulling for the lighter blue combined with them and their Deep Bar works 13 decorative you can leave your bed even more sensational is interesting the fact that you can use various types of prints and colors to leave the environment of your room according to your taste.

Diamonds on Parede Quilt Pattern – Ideas

One of them several combinations that can be done with fabric is you use a silk some 300 on the part of the long Blue list you can use any fabric Macedo video even a good velvet this goes according to your taste Particularly I want to use a silk and in place of the blue substitutes black couscous makes it in mind very beautiful.

Diamonds on Parede Quilt
Diamonds on Parede Quilt designed by Judith Sandstrom – free-quilting.com

Another very interesting point is that the prints you can use them for Christmas things and on the blue stripe you can do green or you can do also red matching the Christmas colors on the plain part you can invert between white, green and red.

Diamonds on Parede Designed by

This Pattern is designed by Judith Sandstrom. Blend lots of blue fabrics to piece an intriguing pattern made with Square-in-a-Square and Framed Square blocks. This e-pattern was originally published in Weekend Scrap Quilting.

  • Size: 78″ x 90″. Block Size: 12″ x 12″.
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Diamonds on Parede Download

You can download this Diamonds on Parede Quilt here in free-quilting.com . If for some reason you have accessed it and cannot download it then you can use the download button below. We hope you enjoyed this pattern and that you can use it to make for your Christmas after all two wonderful things like this should be part of special occasions for you and your family.

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