Labyrinth quilt pattern Designed by Bev Getschel is a very nice pattern that is within the most diverse themes and subjects of labyrinth quilt patterns. From now on we will see a pattern, actually this pattern from the image below that is very nice and not so difficult to make.

Labyrinth quilt pattern
Labyrinth quilt pattern

Labyrinth quilt pattern

Labyrinth quilt pattern was designed by Bev Getschel. I particularly like this type of quilt or quilt pattern to make and to have at home. Also this pattern from what I understand can be a good option to sell.

Labyrinth quilt pattern is also fun, because if you make it for your son or daughter they might even enjoy it. You can make a nice quilt with this pattern, honestly in my opinion this is the ideal pattern for a nice quilt.

First it is good to know a little more about the origin of this pattern, so stop for a second and read carefully below to understand.

“The Seminole block turned sideways produces a delightful inner border on this Rail Fence quilt. Appliqued flowers enhance both the inner border and the pretty scalloped outer border. This e-pattern was originally published in the June 2010 issue of Quilter’s World magazine.”

My mother, who loves patterns like this, had a very interesting idea when she saw this pattern. She said that the pattern is wonderful and that instead of making an appliqué she will do embroidery, specifically in place of the yellow to give more detail and more shine.

To make this pattern or if you want to make it with different fabrics it is important to note some important details when looking at this image here in the article. By downloading your PDF you will also be able to observe and have more information.

See more technical information about this pattern: Seminole designs are typically done in rows. In this quilt, we turn the corners and a wonderful inner border appears. A scalloped edge provides an interesting contrast.

Skill Level: Advanced / Quilt Size: 88″ x 88″ / Block Sizes: 6″ x 6″, 8″ x 8″ / Number of Blocks: 36 and 60.

Labyrinth quilt pattern
Labyrinth quilt pattern

We hope you enjoyed this pattern and that you can make it as you need it, so before downloading you should be aware that this Labyrinth quilt pattern Designed by Bev Getschel and you can find it on the blog.

Once you know the pattern and who owns it, it is easy for you to do. I hope you enjoyed this pattern and can make beautiful patterns like this one. Leave your comment if you like it, or if you want a special pattern. If you can not receive your PDF then leave your comment.[download_after_email id=”1837″]


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