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Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free

Large Hexagon Quilt pattern freetoday to be sharing with you the tutorial for Hexagon Quilt. I was able to whip this Halloween Quilt up very quickly using a half hexagon quilt ruler, this free Hexagon Quilt Pattern, and a bunch of Halloween fabric fat quarters.

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Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free

Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free
Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free

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This large Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free is made up with an extremely random selection from my Halloween fabric stash.

I decided to stick to blacks, oranges, and whites, trying to vary the scale of the prints for interest.   I think that all large-scale prints would have been a bit overwhelming for this size of a quilt.

However, I do think the Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free shape lends itself well to both large and novelty prints. It’s a great quilt to make if you’re looking to use up a lot of fabric scraps.

You could easily use this Large Hexagon Quilt pattern to make a quilt for any season or occasion. It does not have to be a Halloween quilt. This pattern would also make a great baby quilt!

Normally when you piece hexagons together for a quilt you end up with a difficult to sew “Y” seam.  To avoid having to sew Y seams, I used a special half hexagon quilt ruler when I cut out my quilt.

By cutting the hexagon in half you can avoid this by sewing 1/2 hexagon shapes together in rows, thus avoiding Y seams.

Just know that you do have to plan ahead to get the look that you want. Last weekend we headed down to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY for a little photo shoot.

Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free
Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free

I have always photographed my quilts at home before and thought it would be fun to try a little “quilts in the wild” photo shoot this time.

Large Hexagon Quilt pattern free is actually a very simple pattern to make but can be quite laborious in the sense of the time that can be spent making it.

The explanation of how easy it can become difficult is that the pattern is actually quite simple, but can be complicated because depending on the size of the hexagon you can take a few days to make (if the pieces are small) or hours if they are larger.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

In fact everything will depend on what you will do, the size of the total piece, the size of the hexagans also at least for me and my sister we will take about 14 days, because we are doing with various colors and very small sizes.

Download pattern polkadotchair.com – To finish the quilt I decided to free motion quilt spiderwebs on to the quilt. I couldn’t bring myself to quilt a spider web in every hexagon (although that would have been cool), so I chose to quilt 5 large spiderwebs then fill in a few of the hexagons with their own web.

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