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Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt free

Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt is a pattern that reminds a lot of another pattern that we like to make here in our atelier and you may know it a lot as shofly. This pattern is characterized by its large shape, and make no mistake, it is not made simply with one or two cuts of fabric.

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Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt

First of all it is good to know that this pattern is not ours, someone sent it to us exactly as it is in the PDF and we can’t touch anything in it because it has a password, and unfortunately we couldn’t do much, but we managed to access the origin blog and we found out that it is http://www.thequiltingland.com.

Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt free pattern Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt free pattern
Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt free pattern Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt free pattern

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Seeing a decorated room a well decorated bed is part of the home of any person who likes to keep clean decor as something of comfort Refinement Of course beautiful in the home environment.

Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt may even be that it has the name adapted to monster, but it is actually just that. You can see that they are hexagons made in a very large size that when joined together form flowers and of course when done in a variety of colors form a flower garden so to speak.

One very interesting thing for this type of pattern Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt is the fact that it is beautiful and delicate despite appearing grotesque and actually not and is just a perspective from your point of view regarding the pattern.

Given that we like to do the most diverse types of qiolt pattern work but we can be sure that this pattern will please you and one of the reasons is for the beauty that we can put and form the geometry in fabrics already imagine that?

Well this pattern here in the image as you can see it is highlighted by approximately 12 giant flowers another detail that you should know if you can make the flower in the size you want both can be monster as these, ie very large to medium to small after all it is you who knows how it is to decorate your home is not it true:

You ask me now why I am going to make this Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt pattern the reasons can be several, but then always stay only two. These two reasons enter into the idea for you whether you really want to do this pattern or not, so let’s go:

First reason to exclude doing this Monsterz Sized Hexagon Quilt pattern is because it is more childlike aspect until adolescence said that every child all young people especially female the women the young ladies the Children like flowers and this can leave an environment well the face of our daughters.

The second reason is that sometimes when we are in spring we want to decorate our house or our room in the environment corresponding to the season we can put this quilt and make it as a menu comforter or also as a beautiful curtain for our room the ideas are so many that if we keep talking here we will lose hours. We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful pattern and that you can bring it into your home now. Low pattern and have fun with another wonderful creative quilt pattern.

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