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Logging On pattern free

Logging On has your designer by Lynette Jensen this wonderful pattern is one of those that you can never forget to make, even if it’s for yourself to keep. So let’s talk about this pattern again so that you can really make sure you do! So let’s get started?

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Logging On Pattern

Logging On pattern is a wonderful pattern that can be made for any occasion you wish, for example, since we are getting close to the month of Christmas preparation how about making this wonderful pattern?

Logging On
Logging On designer by Lynette Jensen www.allpeoplequilt.com

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Logging On pattern as we said above and again we confirm that this pattern was created by Lynette Jensen. The same pattern that you get here in your email can be seen on the blog www.allpeoplequilt.com.

It is interesting that you go to allpeoplequilt.com for further instructions and to see other beautiful patterns if you wish.

Now let us explain something important. This pattern will not be placed in social groups, or sent to others that have the same characteristic. Only you who have received it in your e-mail can access this article.

So from 1 to 3 times a week we will send you beautiful and wonderful patterns. Remember that it will really be between 1 to 3 emails a week. congratulations for getting this far. Now let’s see a little more of the pattern?

Logging On pattern is the kind of quilt you will want or desire to make for yourself or for your store as you prefer, so the main part that caught my attention the most is the issue of the colors used.

As you can see in the image above of the pattern it looks a lot like the login cab blocks, but it is prettier don’t you think? Logging On is a great open pattern and beautifully done for anyone who wants to make it.

  • DESIGNER: Lynette Jensen
  • Finished size: 64-1⁄2×88-1⁄2″
  • Finished blocks: Block A, 10-1⁄2×15″; Block B, 15″ squareMaterials
    Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42″ of usable fabric width.
  • 4-1⁄2 yards total assorted prints (blocks)
  • 1-5⁄8 yards black print (border)
  • 2⁄3 yard orange print (binding)
  • 5-3⁄8 yards backing fabric
  • 73×97″ batting

The pattern was very well planned being that the blocks or squares are basically made with various other pieces of scraps or fabrics of the designer’s choice, however you can make the pattern in any color you like, i.e. use the fabric you find most beautiful.

The patterns that I particularly chose to make mine is with a flower theme, I bought about 20 different fabrics with flower bases of various colors and patterns, some with larger and some with smaller patterns.

In the bar part, she put a dark fabric that matches well with the other fabrics that formed the square. I really liked this idea, but I want to do it a little different, I actually want to do it with larger flowers and in black and finally in the final bar I want a red floral print with white.

Well, how would you do your Logging On? The alternatives are the most varied to create and a beautiful creation like this is in fact what matters the most in a pattern like this, isn’t it?

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    • We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Lisa. The authors of these patterns are truly wonderful. And we always strive to bring the best to you. Soon we will bring here an article about various quilt designers!

  1. Hello again
    here is another pattern that says add your email sand we will send you the pattern and it doesn’t work.
    It is happening for all your patterns Can you forward all the patterns to me please. I look forward to hearing from you


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