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Maple Leaf Table Runner Free

Maple Leaf Table Runner Free This is a pattern created by Jordan fabrics to be more exact it was created on October 9, 2018 a very nice free pattern that at first glance we think something referring to autumn.

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Maple Table Runner

Maple Leaf Table Runner Free 2
Maple Leaf Table Runner Free by jordanfabrics.com

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There are several patterns Maple Leaf Table Runner however what can be observed that among them a first pattern created was on November 10, 2014 that really is a leaf block with a classic border really perfect for the fall season.

Those who use this type of pattern are people who live near trees, who have farms, or even in big and small cities who really want to give a different look to the house showing there potential even as the panel on the wall.

What draws a lot of attention is that Jordan fabrics pattern is very well detailed easy to follow, step by step detailed, and you can still check here a video of her own channel explaining a little about the pattern and I advise you to subscribe to her channel. And now we are going to download this pattern for free!

How to download the Maple Leaf Table Runner pattern?

There are two ways for you to download this pattern The first is for you to follow the designer’s link that we always put in our articles, and it is TRUE that depending on the type of designer, blog, site, that we put here, it can be complicated to actually download some are quite complicated, but this one from Jordan fabrics is really very easy to download.

The second way is for you to enter your email in the field below, check that it is spelled correctly and once that is done you will click the blue get download link button.

A message will appear for you that your link was sent to the e-mail address you entered, and then you will open your e-mail (don’t forget to check your spam box, your trash and of course your inbox), because some e-mail operators send to these places and some don’t actually receive the link, unfortunately this kind of problem still exists in the world.


You can see that there is a field in the middle of the article that has written in it “You Are Invited To Join Our VIP Quilting Facebook Group” and there you will see a kind of map of the United States and below there is the gray field asking for e-mail and the black button written SUBSCRIBE.

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After you do this you will automatically be sent a link to the Facebook group which is private and VIP. Just above the group section you will be able to download this pattern for free as well.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you can use this wonderful Maple Leaf Table Runner pattern for your home decor. The big tip I can give you is don’t limit yourself to just one color or size, use your imagination and your creativity and do a great job. You cand download thie pattern here JordanFabrics.com

File saved from Viruses and Spam. Your pattern will be sent to your email. This pattern is by jordanfabrics.com
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