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Pumkin Shaped Table Runner Pattern is a really beautiful pattern that you can be making for a panel on your wall imagine this pattern well placed on your entry panel in your living room can really make a difference in the decor and cheerfulness of your home.

Pumkin Shaped Table Runner Pattern

Particularly this pattern I found it so beautiful that I’m thinking of making at least two more of these one to put in my living room to be able to put in my room that really a room needs a good decoration and of course one also in my dining room since that environment is conducive to a good decoration.

Pumkin Shaped Table Runner Pattern
Pumkin Shaped Table Runner Pattern by jordanfabrics.com


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Template Download Instructions table runner free pattern: Download and print the top, bottom, and stem of the pumpkin. Make SURE the “fit to page” box is unchecked before printing. Glue the top to the bottom so that the perpendicular bars line up and you have one half of a pumpkin. Can use here to download bellow for direct download.

Downloadable Pumpkin Top – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Downloadable Pumpkin Bottom – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Download Pumpkin Stem – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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