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Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern, designed by Miriam Ronne, in quiltdom.com is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional design. The Lone Star is one of the most recognizable patterns you’ll see in American quilting. Our updated design with striking colors creates a lasting statement piece for a wall, bedroom, or as a throw. The pattern works for beginners as well as more advanced quilters.

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Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern

This is that one Lone Star Quilt Pattern that is breathtaking we look at it and want to look and look again and again it gives you that desire to want to make it as soon as possible to put it on the bed that desire to make it as soon as possible to decorate that lovely part of our home this pattern this look it gives that feeling of joy.

It is true that there are several patterns that are wonderful. But have you stopped to look at this pattern as I am looking at it, in fact I am here writing this article for you because the magnificent pattern the combination of the fabrics and the colors and the prints are phenomenal, especially this fabric that makes the bar of this quilt.

Honestly looking closely at each step of this pattern the background fabric used white with the details passed with green and blue pulled with yellow or vice versa depending on your point of view is what makes the pattern come in more charming to look at.

It is a pity that this pattern is not free it is a paid pattern and this pattern you can buy it on the link that will be here below we cannot offer it to you that was yours So even because we did not make a pattern we do not have a different photo and this photo is exclusive From here on where you will be able to buy this PDF and it is not expensive it is only $12!

It is true that our site brings only free patterns Lone Star but look I bought this pattern it is worth and it is very beautiful access the link below and see the specifications is a pattern that is worth We hope you have enjoyed this article it was made with great care for a wonderfully beautiful pattern I am sure you will love to do and I have already bought mine!

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