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Orchard Lane Quilt Pattern

Orchard Lane Quilt Pattern had its Project Designer: Jill Abeloe Mead who had the idea of using squares, or blocks with different sizes to make a beautiful quilt for use in the bedroom, or if you prefer in the living room on your sofa by the fireplace or wherever you prefer.

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Orchard Lane Quilt Pattern

Orchad Lane Quilt
Orchad Lane Quilt Designer: Jill Abeloe Mead

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The colors are really bright which makes the pattern come alive in a contrasting combination of warm colors.

Orchard Lane Quilt ideas

The colors for this pattern is significant to assemble your own, because you can use it with flowered fabrics, with cool colors (to give that cool feeling) and also you can use the most diverse prints possible.

Fabrics have always been well used and cultivated around the world, that is indisputable. But now, their creative and fun use is a differentiator for the architecture and design of interior and exterior buildings.

From gardens to internal spaces, every corner of the house can be more beautiful with the use of this type of material. It is a very practical, easy, and inexpensive way to renew the look of a decoration.

Nowadays, professionals have more options for home fabric than in the past. The market is increasingly varying its range of options.

There are materials of various colors, prints, and finishes – used for the most varied purposes. With them it is possible to create both modern and vintage scenarios. Everything will depend on creativity and intelligence to decorate.

Fabrics offer many advantages to the architect or interior designer when it comes to transforming the look of a home.

The possibilities are endless! One can repaint a specific corner or change all the surfaces, all the furniture, and all the ornamental objects in the room. This is fundamental to be able to make the decoration of the home more up-to-date.

Orchard Lane Quilt Pattern download

This pattern you can download here on the blog allpeoplequilt.com just click on the link. If for some reason you can’t download it, you can click the download button here below.

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