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Patchwork Quilt Garden Free

Patchwork Quilt Garden is a different pattern that I particularly had not seen nor had idea how this pattern could be made let’s start saying that this pattern was not me who made it and nor anyone else from our here also we did not find it on the internet but for them sent in an anonymous way And so if you know which is the company you can already leave in the comments so we can give the proper credit ratings especially from the designer that We do not know who it is.

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Patchwork Quilt Garden

Patchwork Quilt Garden is that pattern that gives understanding of a garden you get closer to the image you can see that it has some traces of flowers drawn assembling even garden with the colors very well assembled in a beautiful quiet way and that really brings that calm.

Patchwork Quilt Garden
Patchwork Quilt Garden

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First it is important to know that we do not like to post patterns without knowing the site or the designer but this one really deserved to be with you.

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Ideas for the pattern

Patchwork Quilt Garden
Patchwork Quilt Garden

The ideas for this pattern are many in a peculiar way you can be putting several types of fabrics or prints combining between the dark tones to the lighter ones or transform this pattern into something as for example Christmas for your Christmas party Just substituting some colors or prints of fabrics you want for it to have a Christmas appearance.  

Using the pattern

You can also use this pattern as a table runner. This is because the pattern itself gives you that peace of mind that we have when we put it on our table and of course for this to fit in a proper way you just have to make it in the ideal size of your table of course you can also use it on your couch on your busy bed you wish after all the boss is here and you use it the way you wish.

Download the pattern

For you to download the pattern you just click the button here download and if you can not get do not worry comment that we will see why it was not sent to you. And don’t forget if someone knows about this pattern the designer let us know so that we can put inside the credits and if you are owner of this boss and you didn’t like it here in our blog, let us know that if it is of your will we will take off of the air immediately.

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  1. I Have asked for the Quilt Garden pattern and I haven’t received the down-load link. Please can you assist with this one and the others I have requested the patterns for, which have not arrived

    • Dear Margo, we have sent you emails, with all the patterns you requested since the beginning, we even answered every comment you made, and even more, we asked in another email and comment that you open an account at gmail.com so you could receive the patterns, since your email carrier seems to block us from sending them! We apologize for the inconvenience, but we really can’t send them to you. Another way would be for you to send us your whatsapp so we can try to send it to you.


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