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Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt Pattern Celebrate your love of bold colors or neutrals by making your own version of this Happy Village Quilt. Do its crisp shapes remind you of falling snowflakes, spring flowers, or summer pinwheels? No matter what your take on this quilt is, it’s a breeze to make. Just download the pattern and GO! Using your favorite GO! Die Cutter makes cutting the shapes easy. The finished size is 60″ x 60″.

Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt Pattern

Qube 8 Happy Village Quilt Pattern
Qube 8 Happy Village Quilt Pattern

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Happy Village Quilt Pattern patterns like them colorful different ones using sometimes more than two kinds of blocks and very colorful really brings to us that feeling of peace a feeling of tranquility because we don’t accept to Love. A pattern made with love for someone we love is something irreplaceable there is no expensive gift in this world that will compensate for manual labor done with all heart with great care has something very rewarding agree?

Anyway there are several patterns today is that even our site for example brought several design patterns practically from around the world which make incredible interactions and leaves us practically open mouth everything by using beautiful colors of fabrics and giving amazing geometric shapes in the final result.

This pattern apparently appears to be simple but in fact looking carefully you will see that its geometric shapes you will get another wonderful geometry made with your own hands. You don’t necessarily have to follow the same type of fabric as you can use your creativity to change fabrics the colors the prints the size and of course use pattern with the purpose for those who want to gift.

We hope that you have enjoyed this pattern and that you can download it now directly here at accuquilt.com. Now if you can’t download it for any unknown reason then you can use the button right here below.

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