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Quilt Friendship Knot block Free

Quilt Friendship Knot block This is quite an amazing and beautiful quilt top. It is a pattern called Hands All Around (the world/nation/school). Many different old calico cotton fabric prints in red, white, blue, black, grey and pink. It is a quilt top only. You can add new stuffing and a backing and have a fabulous new old quilt.

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Quilt Friendship Knot block

It is mostly in great condition. There are a few areas that a little bit of staining. Though I have not cleaned it and I’m sure with a gentile hand it will come clean. It measures 72″ x 84″Please Read Before BiddingAll items I sell are pieces that I have found to be unique, cool, adorable, beautiful, and eye catching.

Quilt Friendship Knot block
Quilt Friendship Knot block

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They range from vintage textiles of material, linens and clothing to antique dolls and items of childhood interest to the best vintage holiday collectibles. Be sure to add me to your favorites if these items are of interest to you as well, for I will be continuously listing new items as I find them.I will offer a refund only if the item is grossly misrepresented. The shipping cost will not be refunded and the item must be returned back to me at your cost.Every item I sell I purchase at an estate sale or auction.

Any discrepancies such as cracks, crazing, holes, marks or smells, will be listed in the item description. Please note these items are only in my possession for a short period of time and there may be some discrepancies I do not notice such as a slight musky scent of a piece of vintage clothing. All items were pre-loved and long forgotten stored in basement or attic.

Do not be mistaken this Quilt Friendship Knot block is really one of the most difficult that I ever looked to put for you here in a free way Of course there are things that we can not put for you an exceptional pattern because when I found one the person left very clear that it was not to be messing with the file and still mentioned the file was with problems good I do not know if it is exactly happened but it was there.

To receive honest with you but another thing that I found in this vintage pattern and is not difficult to do on the contrary I found easy what changes a little there the question of the fabrics that you will use to do it but the pdfs that follow below this article you will be able to understand easily how to do this pattern and From what I understood He is a very old block and get it actually found it here in this blog https://blog.bernina.com And by the way also is not well detailed as I like.

But bernina Certainly put a lot of effort to make this Quilt Friendship Knot block as accessible as possible and I advise you to access her blog to actually see How is the pattern Although you will get the pdf here below sometimes it is to get to know you also the designer managed to bring to us had included pattern. A curiosity that I discovered about this pattern is that it is much older than 1935 this pattern was created in 1929 and only in 1935 that it was printed in a magazine including you will see that in the girl’s own blog she put the date which it was printed but the date of creation was January 14, 1929.

We are entering 2022 now time to transform this friendship knot quilt block pattern into something modern beautiful incredible to leave open mouths to delight the hearts and to make many sales with him so do it now Enjoy this pattern that really is one of the best ever seen.

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