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Quilt Hexagons Floral Pattern free

Quilt Hexagons Floral pattern is a wonderful pattern of the kind that we can’t get enough of looking at and watching after it’s done, at least that’s how I feel when I look at the image below and I believe you must be delighted with this pattern. So let’s talk a little about it?

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Floral Hexagon Quilt

Quilt Hexagons Floral
Quilt Hexagons Floral by Geta Grama getasquiltingstudio.com

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Quilt Hexagons Floral pattern is not a pattern of ours. I was looking for a different pattern to give as a present to my 68 year old aunt who loves quilt patterns and as she loves flowers I went looking for something of the type she likes.

In my search I spent more than 4 hours looking for something to make that was different and pretty at the same time. That’s when I remembered to make something hexagonal and very different to give as a gift.

And in these searches after 4 intense hours I found a wonderful blog by Geta Grama, the Romanian quilter and see Quilt Hexagons Floral. I was amazed together with my husband at this amazing pattern and you will agree that it is really beautiful.

Geta Grama the designer of this beautiful pattern, made a beautiful tutorial on how to make this floral hexagon quilt. She made several explanatory links and the PDF is wonderful. This is exactly the one you will download. See getasquiltingstudio.com from Geta Grama.

You should visit Geta Grama’s blog to learn more about her work and more information about the pattern. Apparently she is a wonderful person, and has great ideas and you will like them. Let’s talk a little about the pattern?

Sewing hexagons is easy and fun! You can sew them in a waiting room, take them with you on your travels, in short… it is practically therapy.

Hexagons (nicknamed hexies) are traditionally sewn using a process called English paper stitching (or EPP). Each hexagon (or EPP shape) is made individually by folding the fabric around the paper shape and pinning it in place using basting or glue.

You sew as many shapes as you need, which are joined together to form a pattern or a new “fabric”. The EPP stitching technique allows the use of other geometric shapes, such as triangles, squares, diamonds, kites, elongated hexagons, and half-hexagons. The shapes can be grouped in endless combinations to create beautiful patterns.
But, let’s get back to our hexagon.

With their fascinating honeycomb shape, hexagonal patterns are very versatile, and make for composition in a variety of styles and patterns.

But not only EPP lives the hexagon. There are different sewing techniques for creating patterns with hexagons, and they can be made by hand or machine. Joined or appliqu├ęd.
An important tip: Precise cutting of hexagonal shapes is essential.

Therefore, use and abuse of templates and rulers. You can buy them in a variety of different sizes. Another tip is to add a 1 inch or 2.50 cm seam allowance at each corner, as these are especially useful when using the Y-stitching method to join the honeycomb shapes together.

Quilt Hexagons Floral
Quilt Hexagons Floral by Geta Grama getasquiltingstudio.com

Another note is that hexies have bias edges and are easy to stretch and distort, so it is important to pin your pieces when working with these shapes.

Pinning them well ensures that the shapes remain aligned. Patch&Afins has several issues with projects that teach how to make hexagons, in different techniques. So we hope you have enjoyed this beautiful article.

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