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Quilt Passion Flower Flip

Quilt Passion Flower Flip how beautiful this pattern is, don’t you agree? Yes it is and I loved this pattern so much that I printed a picture of it (plain paper) to see and imagine more colors that I can use and other fabrics such as colors and prints needed. Quilt Passion Flower Flip pattern is really important for us to have this month agree?

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Passion Flower Flip Quilt

Quilt Passion Flower
Quilt Passion Flower

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This pattern was designed by Anna Maria at freespiritfabrics.com and of course we can use the colors and fabrics we want. I was even talking to my husband about exactly that, I thought about making this pattern with more refined fabric, for example a Japanese seja for it to be lighter and have a high gloss.

Of course it will be very delicate, I want to use threads in shades of gold and silver and I want a background also with silk fabric but in a more matte color so as not to draw attention to the background of this quilt.

Turn some cartwheels and do some flips with this lively quilt! Half-square triangles spin around bold borders featuring Anna Maria Horner’s Passionflower fabrics. The pattern, actually the PDF file is well explained and interesting like this, so you can see how easy the pattern is to make.

Quilts with floral print are not limited to certain seasons. It is a democratic option and goes well in any climate. In the summer they make the look more colorful and with the face of the season, in winter they contrast with the more closed colors leaving the look more lively and cheerful in your home or office.

Combine colors

One of the simplest places to start is to have a black and white color scheme. Try mixing some polka dot pillows with some striped ones, making sure the colors match! This is a great start for someone who isn’t sure if they are succeeding in making a mix of prints. However, we encourage you to be a little bolder and try a certain color scheme.

Mixing prints is a great alternative for creating stylish looks with fashion information. In addition to adding depth to the look, different patterns can also add depth to productions.

How to combine floral prints and stripes?

For those who are afraid of combining them wrong, here’s a tip: if the stripes are black and white, or navy and white, you don’t even need to pay attention to the color of the flowers. It is much easier to get it right. Another cool trick is to use accessories, such as shoes and belts, in the same color as the floral print.

We hope you enjoyed these tips, this pattern, and of course this wonderful article, and you can certainly enjoy it now by downloading this PDF below.

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