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Quilt Pink Pony Pattern

Quilt Pink Pony Pattern by Marinda Stewart, Michael Miller  a beautiful children’s pattern that you can and should make for your home, especially for your girls, nieces, cousins, teenagers and for whoever you want to make it for as long as they like a beautiful Pink Pony.

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Quilt Pink Pony Pattern

Do not confuse, we are not putting a unicorn here, but a pink pony that you will make a difference in a beautiful backpack or a cushion cover if you think even a beautiful panel for your daughter’s room or for your living room if your decor fits this type of pattern.

Quilt Pink Pony Pattern Marinda Stewart, Michael Miller
Quilt Pink Pony Pattern Marinda Stewart, Michael Miller

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From now on we will put more beautiful patterns like this on our board of free patterns for babies, children and infanto juvenil, but of course you can put the way you want, and who knows even use for you.

Tips for decorating a nursery?

1. choose a theme

An initial step that helps a lot in the task of combining several objects in the same space is to choose a theme. In fact, this has become a very common attitude among parents for the ease and comfort it offers. That’s where this beautiful Pink Pony Pattern Quilt comes in!

2. Decide on the colors

One of the biggest choices you will have when setting up the space is to decide on the colors. The tip is to work with neutral palettes, because they allow more freedom in relation to the other elements of the room. And if you are going to use this quilt pattern as a panel, then the walls must be in agreement, now if they are not in matching colors, just make the quilt panel a little larger and place the fabrics in the colors of the wall that are already painted, or in the case, printed that always go well.

3. Plan your fabric purchases

Besides helping to organize the decoration and to make sure that all items match each other, this tip is interesting to keep the decoration and budget within your limits. It is not always easy to avoid buying several fabrics, because there are thousands of options, and there are times that are so many prints and fabric colors that we go crazy so before making the pattern, think about the fabrics, think about the colors you like the most, and of course, the colors that are decorating the room, the room or the environment of the children.

4. Pay attention to space

This is an essential tip and one that many of us quilters, especially parents, sometimes miss. Deciding on the decoration of the baby’s room, the living room, or the daughter’s room is a moment of great excitement, but it is necessary to remember the limits in relation to space. So enlarge or shrink the Pink Pony Quilt pattern to the most appropriate.

We hope you have enjoyed the pattern and can then make a beautiful decorative arrangement for your daughter, your son, or your home, and remember, decorating with fabrics is a pleasure and a job to remember.

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