Pocket Pinwheel Quilt Pattern is Three-dimensional pinwheels in bright colors make this free quilting pattern perfect for a child’s room or nursery and is finished quilt size: 48″ x 64″, Skill Level: Intermediate and logic this pattern is Designed by Lucy Fazely.

Pocket Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Pocket Pinwheel Quilt Pattern
Pocket Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

So maybe you are asking now is it a pattern made for children? I can say for sure it is made for children in case As the very beginning of the article mentioned you can put it in the nursery, you can also put it in your baby’s room or on your child’s bed no matter how old he is.

What draws a lot of attention in this Pocket Pinwheel pattern is exactly how the colors have been placed and kind of a few blocks will remind you for sure of some blocks that we like to make after all this is indeed beautiful colorful quilting pattern.

Still talking a little more about this pattern you can see that the colors of it make it not only a child’s quilt pattern but also for any age in fact I myself am quite interested in this pattern not for the letters that make it up but for the set of colors made in these blocks forming this wonderful Pocket Pinwheel Quilt Pattern.

Of course you can substitute things to make it the way you like for example do it in two colors three colors or completely change the coloring of it according to the fabrics you have at home the important thing is to match and make this pattern happy as it should be.

We hope that you have Loved this pattern as much as we do and of course you can be downloading it and making it your home as soon as you can. And if you don’t have children at home make this quilt and give and it to a children’s institution.

For you to download this wonderful PDF you need to click on this linkĀ www.free-quilting.com/ to which Glock is responsible for the pattern. And for some unknown reason you can’t download it then use the download button and below to be sent directly to your email.

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