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Create a cheerful and bright baby quilt that mixes basic patchwork with fun appliques with this Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt Tutorial. A great project for using fabric cutters, this free baby quilt tutorial is a perfect scrap busting project that your little ones will love, and comes with an applique template for creating your butterflies.

Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt Tutorial

This DIY baby quilt also uses basic nine patches, so it’s a fun project for those making the shift from beginner to experienced quilter. This quilt tutorial is also a fantastic project for showing off your free motion skills, and is a budget-friendly quilt that looks incredibly expensive. Let your imagination take flight with this butterfly quilt.¬†Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt is by Connie Kresin Campbell in your blog conniekresin.com.

Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt Tutorial
Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt Tutorial


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There are about 100,000 species of butterflies and moths. They live in the most different habitats, in all parts of the world. The beautiful Morpho peleides butterfly has an iridescent color. It lives in the rainforests of Brazil and other tropical regions of America.

Now you can try to make your pattern in the best way possible of course the colors here are for drinking but you can make it in any color you wish for an adult to a teenager to a youngster any other of your taste and also you can make a beautiful wall panel really a wonderful pattern agree?

The butterfly is a symbol of change and transformation. When you see one in your dreams or in reality it may be a message, or it may be announcing changes in your life and also transmitting spiritual news. … It also represents renewal, announcing changes in our life.

Patterns like this also make us understand that we can then handle the colors the fabrics and the way we make in this case we can soon or miss a butterfly and in the other a block mixed with other small squares you can be creative and if you want to for example in place of this block that contains 9 squares you can make a long cab block here actually you can make block you want.

I will give a suggestion for you also how about making this butterfly blocks of this butterfly and use the flower block leaves article here, actually I will put below the two buttons for you to have access to the pattern so it will be interesting for you to use different blocks Sincerely I think it is very beautiful and I believe faithfully that a beautiful pattern you can make it even more beautiful After all taste is taste. Direct Pattern here and too here in you need to other Download Posy

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