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Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt pattern is indeed wonderful! A quilt that is actually so simple and perfect in its creation that any baby, child, youth and even us adults will love to put on our bed or anywhere in our home, imagine on a beach.

Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt

Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt
Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt by Connie Kresin Campbell in https://conniekresin.com


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Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt pattern is a very colorful and eye catching pattern, and there’s a detail, who doesn’t like a butterfly? If you make beautiful patterns to sell in your atelier or store, don’t miss this beautiful quilt pattern.

Are you looking for a fast and easy baby quilt that would be perfect for using up all your scraps? You’ll want to make this one! If you are looking for a quick baby quilt you will enjoy making this one!

I CAN’T FORGET: I found this wonderful pattern here on the website of our dear Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River and honestly her site is just too cute. conniekresin.com.

Did you know? “Myths About the Butterfly

This pattern is a real find, even more so for those of us who like to do different things with fabrics we have in surplus… talk about surplus fabrics… I think I have too many here… the problem is that only me and my husband make them and the orders don’t stop coming…

The scrappy butterfly is considered the symbol of transformation. Among others, it symbolizes happiness, beauty, the soul, inconstancy, nature’s ephemerality, and renewal.

In Japan, the butterfly is the symbol of the Geisha and represents the female figure (woman), since it is associated with lightness, gentleness, and gracefulness.

Marital bliss is symbolized by two butterflies (male and female), and its figure is often used at weddings. In the Sino-Vietnamese world the butterfly expresses longevity or is associated with the chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum symbolizes autumn, that is, renewal, since autumn is when the leaves fall.

To download this pattern you can go to Connie Kresin Campbell’s website here at this link conniekresin.com/scrappy-butterfly and take a look at her tutorial. If for some unknown reason you can’t download it then you can access the button below.

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