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Speedwell Quilt Pattern

Speedwell Quilt Pattern is beautiful and a very well done job that can indeed be and make your holiday celebrations more exciting than you might think. Do you know what else you can do with this pattern?

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Speedwell Quilt Pattern

Speedwell Quilt Pattern is made by Nicola Dodd who is also on the blog modabakshop.com and of course the colors chosen for this pattern are ones that I at least particularly am very passionate about. Before talking a little bit about the pattern it is important to know a little about the author or designer of this beautiful work, as we have already said, Nicola Dodd.

Speedwell Quilt Pattern
Speedwell Quilt Pattern by Nicola Dodd

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“My name is Nicola Dodd from CakeStand Quilts and it’s so lovely to be here at the Moda Bake Shop sharing my very first recipe. I live in the UK, where we’re still waiting patiently for some Spring sunshine. Luckily I’ve had Joanna Figueroa’s beautiful Strawberry Fields Revisited collection to brighten up my sewing room. My recipe uses a Layer Cake – my favorite pre-cut – and is constructed from just two repeated blocks!”

After learning more about the desginer let’s talk a little more about the free Speedwell Quilt pattern that at a first glance resembles several X’s or diagonal crosses.

When we look closely we see that the thickest points are formed by triangles with almost 4 points and 4 parts of this were a kind of “fat” star.

CURIOSITY about Speedwell

Speedwell is a noun from the name Veronica is a robust genus of flowering plants that includes more than 500 species, several dozen of which are cultivated as landscape flowers. Of these, one of the most popular is Veronica spicata, often known as spiked speedwell, which is often called just speedwell. Speedwell is a clump-forming plant with flowers that grow on stalks of medium height

I really like to compare names of patterns and try to match them to something I have seen or know, because I always find that designers of fashion, quilt patterns, crochet, knitting and many others are always inspired by nature or something created by God.

We hope you enjoyed this article and can now download your free PDF. Remember that on the 27th we will have a drawing for a magnificent pattern, if you want to know more follow in our group next week on the 13th we will put in the group details and will only participate those who are participating and following our group and facebook page. Join the group facebook  here – Like our page faebook here.

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