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Viola on point quilt pattern

Viola on point quilt is a beautiful pattern that we found and this one is actually already in production in our atelier that we honestly can not leave aside because it is so beautiful. So let’s talk a little about this pattern and how we found it!

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Viola on point quilt pattern

Viola on point quilt is a pattern designed by spotlightstores.com and the fabrics of Kirsten Katz Viola, hence the name of the pattern, which by the way is very fair by this beautiful work.

Viola on point quilt pattern
Viola on point quilt pattern by spotlightstores.com

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This pattern we can take much advantage of the beautiful colors that the prints of the fabrics used provide us with, something that marks a bit of peace, romanticism but at the same time a mixed personality between soft and romantic.

Here below I will give a tip for you on how to use colors and perhaps choose the prints in the colors and details that best suit your personality. Of course this is not 100% certain, after all I don’t know you who are reading this now, but I can deduce that if you really like this pattern you must be a soft or romantic person, maybe both.

The relationship between colors and personality can be understood in the following way: each color or hue produces an effect or a feeling in the mind. Therefore, a preference for a specific hue will behave like a personality type with tendencies to experience certain emotions.

An example: a person who prefers the color red probably has a tendency to be more passionate and aggressive. This is because the same color produces a neuronal activation and excitation effect in the brain.

It is important to comment that the way colors affect mood is modulated by each person’s experiences and upbringing. If from childhood you learn to associate a color with a certain feeling, it is very likely that you will feel the same way when you see the same hue throughout your life.

Could the Viola on point quilt pattern mess with your personality? Let’s look at it in a way that you can understand the colors and then decide which fabrics and their colors you will use or in the case, keep this wonder we present here.

Viola on point quilt pattern
Viola on point quilt pattern

Cool Colors

Cool tones like blue, light green and even white are colors that convey emotional well-being, calmness and tranquility. A person with a preference for wearing these shades can be one who, in her daily life is peaceful, organized, and patient.

Warm colors

Some flashier colors, like red, orange, or yellow, are related to more exciting sensations, with passion, energy, and joy. For the same reason, a person who likes to wear these colors in his daily life will certainly have a more extroverted, agitated and cheerful personality type.

Dull colors

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On the other hand, there are somber colors that convey sadness and even nostalgia. Shades closer to black, brown, or gray are related to sad personalities with a tendency to depression and to live locked in their inner world.

It should be noted that each person is unique, preferring one color or another does not completely determine personality. However, it can help you understand yourself a little more and make your Viola on point quilt wonderfully. Did you like today’s tips? Here you can get fabrics see in spotlightstores.com. Download the pattern spotlightstores.com or download directly if for some reason you can’t access it. Keep in mind that these fabrics you can find for a great price at spotilightores.[download_after_email id=”1773″]

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