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Square in square quilt block Pattern Free

Square in square quilt block Pattern tutorial is more of a summer themed quilt, but just so you know, I DID start this project back in July with the intention to get the project up on the blog within a few days! That’s as easy as crocheting. Unfortunately, I’ve just gotten really slow with completing projects lately. I do admit though, I did end up creating a few extra problems for myself while making this quilt.

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Square in square quilt block Pattern

You know that old saying, measure twice, cut once?  Square in square quilt block Well, I hate to be a know-it-all type person who says this kind of stuff, but this is especially true in quilting too! When I first started this project, I wasn’t exactly sure what direction I was going to go with the jelly roll.

I eventually settled on sewing 3 strips together and making this square in square design by cutting the strips into 6.5-inch squares.  I put together a couple of blocks.  Admired them, took pictures, showed them off and then I put the project aside for about a month Square in square quilt block.

Square in square quilt block Pattern
Square in square quilt block Pattern

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When I finally got back to it.  I finished sewing all the jelly roll strips together and cut them into squares.  I didn’t re-measure before cutting, I just cut the measurement I “remembered.”  SEE ALSO: Crazy Baby Quilt best pattern for 2020

I bet you can predict what I am about to say…  You know it – I totally remembered that measurement wrong!  So I had a whole stack of squares that measured 6.5 by 6.25.


So I ended up having to recut everything AND pick apart the other blocks I had already done and recut those too.

This was a smaller than normal jellyroll I’d picked up from Joann’s so I couldn’t just start over. There weren’t enough strips Anyway, I finally got everything recut and could move forward.

When I googled what type of block this might be I came across a couple of different names, framed square, square in square, bento box, etc… Personally, I like the term square in square so that’s what I’m going with Square in square quilt block. Crazy Baby Quilt you see?

 Square in square quilt block

Since this block is made with a jelly roll, it comes together a bit differently, but I like it!  Plus there is a lot less cutting and piecing in this method. You can get so many looks with this pattern just by using different fabric patterns and shades. In this case, I used a jelly roll in a batik pattern very similar shades of blue and green from Joann.  Find similar jellyrolls here and here.

As I was putting together this quilt top, I seriously considered sending it out to be professionally quilted.  I’ve never done that before and don’t even know where to start looking.

Have you ever sent a quilt off (via mail) to be quilted professionally?  How was your experience?  I’m sure there are people that do it locally, but I live kind of far out and am not interested in driving 30 to 45 minutes when I could just package it up and have the mailman pick it up from my house.

Products used and/or recommended in this post:

  • 6.5-inch triangle square up ruler (this sure would have helped me with that cutting mistake!)
  • Rotary Cutter
  • I love my large ruler and large cutting mat, but you may prefer to start off with a smaller Cutting set
  • Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen
  • Wonder clips
  • Walking foot

This pattern is wonderful for any occasion, decoration or part of your home. Can be used as a blanket, bedspread, table runner, lining for Dad’s chair, for his sofa it has infinite possibilities of use. Now I ask: What will your use be for?

Now that you can download your PDF above and make this wonderful pattern. An interesting detail is that you can make this pattern to your style. We also ask that you comment here in this article, share it with your friends, share it on your social networks, this will help us bring you much more news.

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  1. This pattern doesn’t come up. Very frustrating when you advertise a free pattern and then there’s nothing! Please send it to me in my email.

  2. Can you assist with me receiving these patterns as there is never a email received. Square ina square pattern download has not arrived at my email address. Can you please arrange for this to be sent to my email address, thanks


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