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This Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern sampler quilt features five different block designs with a star medallion in the center. The pattern is most striking when made up in a limited unified color scheme, like the green, aqua and blue shown here.

Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern

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Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern
Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern Go! Fabric Cutter 

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The pattern was designed for the Go! Fabric Cutter but charts are provided that you can use for rotary cutting. If you have a Go! cutter, the pattern uses the GO! Strip Cutter-2-1/2″ (2″ Finished) and GO! Strip Cutter-4-1/2″ (4″ Finished).

There are several Y-seams in the pattern Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern as shown. This excellent video tutorial will help you to master those. Even so, this is a fairly challenging quilt and may not be the best choice for beginning quilters. The finished quilt is 45″ x 45″. Read an overview of this pattern at the National Quilters Circle website.

Sampler quilts are so called because they sample many different and varied patchwork blocks and types of patchwork fabric. A sampler quilt can have examples of pieced patchwork blocks, appliqué blocks and paper pieced blocks such as clamshell or hexagons to name but a few.

The quilter will sort out different block patterns and choose those that complement each other and also that will show off her skills. In a class the tutor will make sure that each block included in a sampler quilt will be a learning curve for the pupil and stretch his or her abilities to the full, use of sewing machines can help speed things up.

There are so many traditional patchwork block patterns that sampler quilts can vary from maker to maker without any crossovers of patterns. Often sampler quilts will be made up into Quillows which is an American word which means a cross between a pillow (cushion) and a quilt using quilting fabric and quilt wadding and Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern is perfect.

Nine blocks will be made and sewn together with a tenth block sewn onto the back of the finished piece leaving one edge open. The quilt is then folded and turned into the tenth block through the opening thus forming the cushion.

These are exceptionally useful Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern and can be used in the car, at home, on the beach or in any number of ways where a quilt would be in the way until it was wanted for warmth or comfort.

Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern
Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern O! Strip Cutter-2-1/2″ (2″ Finished) and GO! Strip Cutter-4-1/2″


Now that you know a bit of history, take a good look at the pattern we are presenting to you. Do you know why I say this here? This pattern is one of those very delicate ones that you need to think about before you start sewing the fabrics.

This pattern is very colorful especially in the stars that compose it, see that they are 3 parts well colored outside the borders of the stars and the part inside that are 4 squares or blocks of colored, (in the case you can use printed fabrics in the middle).

Look closely: this pattern is practically all the basic geometries gathered in one place. From triangles to circles. We hope you like this pattern and that you can make it to your liking, or in your own way. We also hope you will use this idea to make your Christmas merry. [download_after_email id=”1932″]

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