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Stripped Ease Quilt Free Pattern

Stripped Ease Quilt Free Pattern is a very beautiful pattern to see, agree with me? So beautiful that I really need to introduce this wonderful pattern to you. I wonder how far our creativity can take us in making our quilt. Well I think this pattern is a piece of the answer to that question.

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Stripped Ease Free Quilt Pattern

Stripped Ease Quilt Free Pattern
Stripped Ease Quilt Free Pattern

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Free Pattern Stripped Ease feet a set of fabrics cut with the colors corresponding to what the designer wants, in this case a mixture of colors that reminds us of a rainbow, a sunset sky, a sunrise, in fact a beautiful mixture of colors that makes us think a lot and about everything.

This wonderful and colorful free quilt pattern also has in its great beauty the perfect work of the background that was thought to put, in this case black was used to give total highlight to the fabrics, which in my suggestion I really want to do to put on the wall of my living room along with some flowers.

Different objectives

Of course each of us has different objectives when dealing with the quilt we are making, some for sales, others to give as a gift (take advantage of this quilt to make and give as a gift, since Christmas is approaching it will be a wonderful gift), others want to simply decorate their home, (I think I want it for everything).

Pattern Designer

This pattern here was developed by Barb Mayfield of APQS Northwest/The Mind’s Eye. The PDF you will download is very complete and contains 4 well explained pages (and note that they are rats the well explained PDFs) this one you will delight in making.

For this download we wholeheartedly advise you to download here directly from the APQS.COM website. Here it shows the history involved in this pattern, I won’t put here because it doesn’t make sense and you can read it there, and also I can’t put here a history that doesn’t belong to us but to Barb Mayfield.

Now if you for some reason could not access or download then you can use the button below to download. But I recommend you go to the original link above to read and know more about the pattern.

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