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Supernova Cushion Quilt free

Supanova Cushion Quilt is a pattern by Helen who designs and sells patchwork gifts as well as her own quilt and bag patterns. Helen Butcher This stylish cushion is a great project to practice your foundation piecing skills.

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Supernova Cushion Quilt

Supernova Cushion Quilt
Supernova Cushion Quilt – by Helen https://www.littlepatchpockets.co.uk/

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This incredible PDF of the cushion named after supernova chushion was sent to us by an anonymous reader of ours who by the way we appreciate. In the PDF below we find the note from the author of this beautiful pattern, actually the designer who took all the care to make it.

To know more details from Helen I suggest you to access her site https://www.littlepatchpockets.co.uk/ that has very nice things for us to create. I was wondering if she herself sent us this pattern? Well I don’t think so because if it was she would have identified herself, but let’s go for our goal which is this beautiful pattern.

The cushions are items that every house should have and it doesn’t matter if the house has a beautiful living room, or just a room with an old wooden chair, in fact this doesn’t matter to me, but the clean place that brings you peace.

This cushion matches exactly with environments or people who like to read good books, like their privacy when reading, studying and even listening to good music.

Besides being great for decorating, here are some good reasons for you to make this pillow!  The supernova cushion quilt is a new way to put pillows to bed. It is a quilt made of a soft, warm fabric that allows the pillows to move freely.

The supernova cushion quilt is ideal for those who want a cozier and more comfortable bed. This new trend in decorating is perfect for those who like to have a relaxed atmosphere at home.

The supernova cushion quilt is a good option for those who want to renew the decoration of their home without spending too much money. In addition, it is a way to put the pillows on the bed in a different and modern way.

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