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Tonga Focus Quilt Pattern free

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Tonga Focus Quilt Pattern is a very interesting pattern that you should really download this PDF to do because it is a very interesting and beautiful work, and it actually reminds a lot of a Bargello. Patterns like this can be used in the most amazing ways and also use in your home decoration or even use the most diverse types of fabrics assembling the most beautiful colors. This pattern is Designed by Osie Lebowitz in www.ttfabrics.com

Tonga Focus Quilt Patterns

Tonga Focus Quilt Patterns
Tonga Focus Quilt Patterns by Designed by Osie Lebowitz

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Of course there are other free Quilt Patterns that can be very similar to this, however there are still other very interesting patterns that you can adapt with this, and if you pay attention to what is most interesting in the pattern beyond the fabrics is how it is mounted, if you pay attention to the size of retdetalheso drawing that is formed you will not have any difficulty in making the pattern.

Another very interesting detail that in the case of this PDF in the image that you are or can see above notice that the clearest part as if it formed a river could say or an opening, you can leave the fabrics close together forming a symmetry so to speak.

Of course the pattern is very intense in what designer Osie Lebowitz really wants to pass on to her customers.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

There is something very interesting about all women and men who work with sewing. this detail that I particularly find interesting, even more so because I have been a seamstress for several years, is that we have a refined taste when it comes to finishing, sewing, fabric colors and color combinations.

You also think this way that every detail at the time of making a certain pattern you think, rethink and manage your thoughts to do what pleases your own taste, and when it comes to the end you remember that you are making for your client not for you?

In fact, I have already been through this in creating a pattern, in fact I reproduced a pattern for a client and I was placing the fabrics as I thought it was beautiful to my eyes so there I went undoing all the seams and placing fabrics in the positions that the client asked, at the time I was not angry, but you can be sure that.

I was quite shocked and having to undo half a job done!
my big tip for you as this pattern ends in 2022, is enjoy life have fun while you are healthy, try to work in the best environment possible, be happy, seek God while you have time to do it, and be assured that you will be very blessed that 2023 will make a difference in our lives!

PDF BY www.ttfabrics.com. Pattern sent to your email. saved from Viruses and Spam
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