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Truckin’ In The USA Banner quilt

Truckin’ In The USA Banner a wonderful pattern truly American beautiful as the American flag practical even for truck driver and I’m sure you will find this pattern amazing in fact you found it amazing. Let’s talk now about a pattern that draws attention wherever you put it, be it in your home, be it in your office, be it inside your truck or car, why not on a heavy industrial working machine or even an earth moving machine? It really doesn’t matter where you put this pattern, it is sensational.

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Truckin’ In The USA Banner quilt

Truckin' In The USA Banne quilt
Truckin’ In The USA Banner quilt

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As you can see, the pattern can be made in a few ways starting by looking at the strips part, we can use strips as shown in the picture or we can simply use a normal size background and from there apply fabric in the size we want or simply make strips sewn together.

studioefabrics.net is directly responsible for the creation of this beautiful pattern. A very different, original and wonderful designer for us to use anywhere we choose.

In this case I am following the pattern and making each strip separately to have the sensation of the wind blowing and moving the strips, giving that “little air” or sensation of freedom in the fabric.

In the blue part where there is a car in the center you can see that it forms the map of the United States.

Another advantage of the pattern is that you can use it with several other colors and can also draw for example in place of the truck Maybe a heart the name of a person or any other illustration that you want to apply.

OBS: The official colors of the United States flag are dark blue, red, and white. Blue symbolizes “justice” and “perseverance“; red stands for the “valor” and “endurance” of the American people; and white represents “purity“.

Flag Day in the United States is celebrated on June 14, the date when the first flag was officially established in the country.

The flag of the United States of America was adopted as the official symbol of the country on June 14, 1777. However, the current version of the American flag (with Hawaii joining) has been in existence since July 4, 1960.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this pattern and can make it a great acquisition to sell and make great success in your studio. Remember, use your creativity, be free to use and invent.

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  1. I asked for 4(four) of your patterns and none came with a link to get pattern. The link must be blue to be considered a link.

    • how is your mail download Alice Barthe how are you? We noticed that some people are really not receiving email from the download. But we can tell you that some email operators tend not to receive links like this, but if you prefer and need it, I suggest you create a gmail account, and then please use it to download several PDFs. We will try to send it to you again. Then check your spam folder, junk folder, etc.


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