Free Medallion Quilt Pattern free and who would have thought that such a simple technique of joining fabric flaps would become world famous, recognized and admired. Yes, Patchwork has never lost its majesty and is always out there parading joyful, fun and charming combinations.

Free Medallion Quilt Pattern

Free Medallion Quilt Pattern

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Free Medallion Quilt Pattern

The word Patchwork too Free Medallion Quilt Pattern comes from English and literally means patchwork work. The technique is very simple to learn and can be done in two ways: sewn by hand or in the machine. At first, when Patchwork appeared in human history about 3500 years ago with the Egyptians, the patches were all joined by hand.

It was only after the industrial revolution and with the invention of the sewing machine, in the middle of 1850, that the patchwork gained a new form of production. Even the Americans and the English were responsible for improving the technique and leaving it the way we know it today.

But no matter how it is done, the final result is always enchanting. And that’s what’s cool about patchwork: to be a relaxed craftsmanship, without rules of combination and that can be used to create a multitude of things. This patterns is from

Nowadays, the most common thing is to see quilts made in patchwork or this Free Medallion Quilt Pattern, which are also called quilting, because of the acrylic blanket quilting that accompanies the piece. But there are also options of dishcloths, bath towels, clothes, bags, cushion covers, seat and chair covers, all made in patchwork.

Basically, the patchwork is composed of three layers of fabric, being the first called the top, where the flaps are, the second is the filling, usually of acrylic blanket and finally the third layer that is the lining, made by a whole fabric and more full-bodied.

Free Medallion Quilt Pattern
Free Medallion Quilt Pattern

The best fabric to make patchwork is cotton or tricoline, already for the lining it is recommended the use of a more structured fabric, such as percale, jeans or canvas so us can talk about Free Medallion Quilt Pattern.

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See below the materials needed and a simple step by step to make patchwork:

  • Fabric remnants in the colors, prints and size you prefer;
  • Acrylic blanket for filling;
  • Fabric for the lining of your preference;
  • Needle, pins and thread for sewing;
  • Ruler;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Scissors.

Start the Patchwork work by joining the flaps one by one sewing by hand or using the sewing machine. Keep stitching all the flaps together until they are the ideal size for the piece being produced.

Then cut the acrylic blanket for filling and lining, leaving them approximately 3 to 4 centimeters smaller than the top. After that it is only to join all the layers, remembering that the sequence is top, filling and lining.

A tip is to “assemble” the patchwork on a table before starting sewing, so you can have an idea of how the composition will look with the flaps.

Free Medallion Quilt Pattern
Free Medallion Quilt Pattern

Finally this pattern we can even say it’s a kind of patchworlk, but actually it depends on the country we live in, for example places here in our country that this work is considered patchwork.

Countries like Brazil for example love quilts (for us it’s quilt) and patchwork works (for us patchworks) this way the works are the same but only the name that changes from region to region, or country to country.

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  1. was disappointed that the template patterns were so difficult to find . after finding the medallion template and realizing the rest would not be printed on my printer, I’ve decided not to do the pattern at all.

    • Jean how are you all right? I was wondering how to help you and my husband gave me an idea:

      We will put the PDF ready here for you and we will even put the marks to make on your printer.

      However, in order to do this the pattern you must place at least 4 to 8 white sheets in the preferred printing for A4. Once printed,
      join the sheets that correspond to the total drawing. We will also send you by email to facilitate after I was ready! It will take a few days, because my husband, who will do it for us, has a lot of orders. But we will prioritize you!


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