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Turning Leaves Quilt free

Turning Leaves Quilt Select a variety of autumn-colored hand-dyed fabrics to make this beautiful quilt. This pattern is very welcome to decorate your home or even to use on special days, such as in the living room on colder days when you are with that special person having hot chocolate!

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Turning Leaves Quilt

Turning Leaves Quilt
Turning Leaves Quilt by Julie Weaver – free-quilting.com

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Turning Leaves Quilt It has colors that pull towards brown, cream-like colors, and others that make the pattern wonderful. Of course you can change the patterns according to your taste for pattern.

Turning Leaves Designed by

This pattern is skill Level: Intermediate and Designed by Julie Weaver and we found the pattern here in free-quilting.com

  • Skill Level – Intermediate
  • Quilt Size – 85″ x 105″
  • Block Size – 12″ x 12″
  • Number of Blocks 18

The fall season is a wonderful time of year, when the leaves fall from the trees and form a warm red and yellow carpet on the ground. To make the most of the season, why not make a leaf quilt?

This quilt is easy to make and is a great way to show off the beauty of the season. You will only need red, yellow, and green fabrics, plus some velvet.

This quilt is a beautiful reminder of the fall season and will make your home cozy and full of color. Please enter your email address in order to receive the pattern.

My idea  Turning Leaves Quilt free

Here is a tactic I’m going to use to make a quilt very similar to this one, but I’m not just going to sew it later. Here’s how I’m going to try to make a pattern of my own:

Start by cutting the velvet into leaf shapes. The shape of the leaves doesn’t matter, but they should be large enough to be visible on the quilt frame.

Then cut the fabrics into wide, long strips. The red and yellow fabrics should be shorter than the green ones.

Glue the fabric strips to the velvet sheets, starting with the red and yellow. When finished, glue the velvet sheets into a block.

Glue the leaf block to one side of the quilt. Then start sewing the quilt, sewing the edges of the fabric blocks next to each other.

When you are finished, glue a piece of green fabric to the top of the quilt, to symbolize the fallen leaves of the trees.

Turning Leaves Download

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