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Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves free

Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves is a pattern that I love very much for several reasons and it is worth pointing out that patterns like this are indeed an eye-catcher and very reminiscent of the season, our spring and summer as one of our readers said a while back.

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Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves

Pattern quilted fabric to make Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves are as varied as possible. I don’t stick to just one type of pattern or one fabric factory with prints, I like to vary always and there are reasons.  You can buy best fabrics cutting machines here in accuquilt.com/fabric-cutting-machines, help a lot!

Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves
Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves by https://www.accuquilt.com/

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First is that patterns for child’s quilted for example are the most diverse and I don’t like to use “adult” fabrics for children and the reason is very simple: children like happy things and don’t understand or practically don’t know yet the most varied feelings of adults and not every fabric factory has good and beautiful children’s fabrics. This pattern is from

Second is that when you look in a more “salesy” way the fabrics always sell before the standard, after all what the eyes see the heart wants to buy hahahaha very true that agrees?

Third and last I really like to diversify because there are fabrics that give me a headache when the colors are too strong, and I’ll be honest there are some fabrics that give me the sensation of the sea as if I were on a boat in days of rough seas! OMG I get goose bumps just imagining it.

Fourth and last is the variation of fabrics factories help me to have a good stock of different products and when a customer asks me I really have what to show if not and I go to sites of factories and start showing what they have and then the customer buys if desired.

Well it doesn’t really matter if you like or not to use different types of fabrics and keep changing every pattern, (I said it again and again I love to change every pattern) and with that I think the varieties we can use are countless.

As we are approaching the new year’s festivities I think that a quilt patterns table runners christmas in our pattern here in the Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves would fit well to adapt and that’s what I like, adapt and you?

Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves free
Wall pattern quilted logs and leaves free

Whether it’s a pattern quilted table runner or for a wall, this type of pattern is very beautiful and you can use it in many ways, so there are ways to make the pattern according to your taste, particularly this pattern here is great for any occasion, just adapt it.

But did you know that it is possible to do texture quilting even in traditional patchwork? And on fabric panels they also look great and enhance the pattern!  Here I am quilting designs that imitate nature!

They can be used in different types of quilt and we have made this post to help you choose the right texture quilting for your pieces! The important thing is not to be afraid, after all, nature is wise! (laughs) There is a lot of texture in nature, isn’t there?!
Water, wood, grass, cloud, sky, stones… Just to name a few![et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3]

In landscape quilts it is very easy, because the work itself is already representing things from nature, so we will only help with the texture quilting! Now you can experiment with this wonderful quilt.

This pattern can be downloaded here on the website accuquilt.com. If you can’t download it, please use the following link directly here.


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