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Winter Stars Quilt Pattern

Winter Stars Quilt Pattern is from Love of Quilting and designer is Dereck Lockwood used elegant, rather formal printed fabrics and a diagonal set to create this stunning bed quilt. The border stripe gives the impression of multiple borders without the work. Quilt size is 90 1/4″ x 115″.

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Winter Stars Quilt Pattern

This pattern is one of the most intense and beautiful I have ever seen. As beautiful as looking at this pattern on your computer screen, tablet or cell phone is you making it and actually looking and feeling it, really even I am overwhelmed at how beautiful and graceful this pattern is.

Winter Stars Quilt Pattern
Winter Stars Quilt Pattern

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Winter Stars Quilt Pattern colors

The colors show two sides of the pattern, the side that radiates the beauty that is exposed during the day, and the brightness that it transmits at night when you light the lamp of the room, whatever it may be. What then to do?

On cold winter nights, the sky is an icy blanket of twinkling stars. The truth is … I rarely notice it. It’s too cold to look at the stars!

But, if you’re willing to bundle up and brave the winter cold, you’ll be treated to a brilliant spectacle far brighter than any summer star.

This week, a Winter Stars quilt in gold, red and black shades is what we present to you. This quick and easy layer cake pattern is perfect as a lap quilt or winter wall hanging, like a quilt, why not?

This is an intermediate pattern, but if you are a beginner and wish to make it don’t give up, you can do it without a doubt, you just need to pay attention and care to do it. The fabrics and colors of course you can choose as you like, but following the PDF is more than important in this case.

Winter Stars Quilt Pattern Surprise.

Well let’s start talking about why you are getting this pattern for free in your email. Do you remember that some time ago you accessed our site and downloaded a PDF that you liked a lot? This is our gift to all those who really left their email and we of course will always reward you with a gift.

Our goal is to always send at least twice a week to you a different, unique and beautiful pattern. As you can see to get access you first had to follow one or two security steps.

You will also have noticed that you have not experienced problems like spam or others, because the servers that send you this wonderful pattern Winter Stars Quilt have total security.

Do you like PDF even more free? I sure do and that is why we were able to leave you this wonderful pattern. So the big idea is that the more people who access our little site the more we can do for you.

We will bring you wonderful and varied patterns, those that you can’t find on Facebook, you can even find the base, but not the pattern with its essence, with the beautiful fabrics like this.

And so far I am sure that everyone who downloads PDFs, is looking for new things, and also likes to get a little treat now and then. So we ask you if you come on our site, please bookmark it.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Winter Stars Quilt Pattern is a worthwhile pattern do you agree? And right away I want to congratulate you for winning this wonderful quilt pattern, one that on cold nights will not only warm you up but also leave anyone amazed at such beauty.

Winter Stars Quilt Pattern Download

Download it on the button below, it’s simple and fast. You don’t need to use email anymore, just click and download! We wish that this Winter Stars Quilt Pattern is one of the first that you will like to receive! Hugs and good luck with your pattern.

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  1. I love this pattern of Winter Stars Quilt, but when I push the button to download the pattern, it says that the page is not found. Can you please help with this? Thanks.

    • Mari we are updating all articles. Now the new blue button will download instantly while sending a copy to our email. We really appreciate your help in the comments for letting us know which ones are not up to date. This is a process that will take a few days, as several downloads are not working. After this update everything will be back to normal. Thank you.


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