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Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern free

Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern is a colorful and beautiful pattern, of course this will depend on the colors and prints of the fabrics you choose to make your pattern, whether for a blanket or a comforter or whatever your creativity allows you with this pattern.

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Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern

Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern
Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern

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Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern is actually made up of blocks, and it actually resembles a block that we like a lot which is the long one. Wonky Logs is well used when we want to make colorful patterns especially for children or teenagers’ rooms.

The Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern finishes at 48″ x 64″ and includes cutting patterns. The simple, yet bold design allows you to build your sewing and quilting skills while still providing great impact. Try this pattern with solids or prints for a modern take on a traditional block.

The fabrics used in this quilt (and listed in fabric quantities) are Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids. This pattern is written to experiment with sewing with your serger, but can also be easily cut with a traditional sewing machine.

  • – The PDF download includes a coloring page and the fabric quantities needed.
  • – The finished size is 48″ x 64″.
  • – The skill level is beginner, and the pattern has step-by-step instructions with pictures to guide you.
  • – It includes instructions for laying out the quilt.
  • – This purchase is for a PDF download of the quilt pattern.
  • – The listing does not include the actual quilt in the pictures.
  • – The pattern includes printable templates for easy cutting.
  • – The pattern assumes that the quilter has basic knowledge of piecing and quilting.
  • – This is a PDF downloaded instantly at checkout, with unlimited downloads.
  • – Be sure to print the pattern at 100% or unscaled to print the templates correctly.
  • – Fat Quarter Friendly! You will need 12 fat quarters, along with your other fabric requirements listed in the product photos.

I started by adding the first log on the right side (3 o’clock position) of the center square. Then I added the remaining logs counterclockwise.

You can add the logs clockwise. The goal is to follow the same direction when adding the logs. So add all the logs in a clockwise direction. Or, counterclockwise.

To make the log cabin block with logs, use trimmings or strips cut from gardening. Just make sure that the piece of fabric is

  • – long enough to cover the piece being added to and
  • – one side of the strip has a straight edge.

Let’s get started!

Quilt Block Fabrics

  • – 1 (4 to 5 inch) square of fabric for the center square
  • – Lots of scraps or strips of fabric cut in various colors in varying widths from about 2 inches to 3 or 4 inches by at least 6 to 12 inches long.

Quilt Block Assembly Diagram cool to pillow

Take a look at this quilt block assembly diagram. It shows the order of sewing the logs to and around the center square. (In the diagram below, the center may not look like a square, but it started out as a square.)

Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern
Wonky Logs Quilt Pattern

The center square is labeled ‘center’. The logs are numbered 1 through 12. Think of the sides of the center square as the 3 o’clock (right side), 6 o’clock (bottom), 9 o’clock (left side) and 12 o’clock (top) in a clock position.

For this log block, sew the first log (1) to the center at the 3 o’clock position. Then proceed counterclockwise around the center. Refer to this diagram as needed while assembling the block. Quilt Block Measurements In this tutorial, I am aiming for a 12-inch wonky log cabin.

To get the block to the desired size, you continue adding logs around the center in what are called rounds. After adding each round, use a square ruler to check the size of the block.
Add rounds until the block is 1 or 2 inches larger than the size you want. Then trim the block using a rotating square cutting ruler (you’ll see this being used when we get to this step).

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