Aubrey Quilt Pattern beautiful colors is a different quilt when it comes to its colors and design format. Different yes, even for you who are used to seeing the most different colors and designs and a quilt or blanket, this Aubrey Quilt Pattern brings style.

Perhaps you wonder what style this quilt has? If you look in detail you’ll notice that the colors are in fact between black and pink. The flowers blend into the dark of the black and between the peace of the rose, it’s a YES and NO feeling.

Aubrey Quilt Pattern beautiful colors

Have you ever stopped to think that usually the colors we see in bedspr

Aubrey Quilt Pattern beautiful colors 2020 5
Aubrey Quilt Pattern beautiful colors

eads, blankets, carpets, kitchen games, living room games have a yes a special meaning?

These colors form exactly this two sensations between the darkness and the joy that flowers bring. But if you look carefully from another angle you will see that nothing else is a mixture very well made of the night with the flowers and the flowers without the night, in fact the imagination does not stop.

But this for those who have developed this wonderful project can only mean one thing: the combination of black and pink, and nothing else.

We who work with quilts, blankets and any piece of sewing, whether hand made or machine made, know that our imagination has no limits, even more when we try to decipher a beautiful work like this.

Aubrey Quilt Pattern beautiful colors actually surprises us with the delicacy and aggressiveness of such a well done, elaborate and sketchy work in using dark colors with light colors in flower effects and turning this wonderful work into joy for our eyes even though it is black and pink.

Quilt Pattern free
Quilt Pattern free

Download pattern – This work, Aubrey Quilt colors was created by, so go all credits to them. After seeing the image above and deciding to make this beautiful pattern, we need you to please leave your comment, share it on social networks.


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