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Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt free idea

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Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt this pattern gave me a headache in fact it will give me a lot of headaches. I looked for it in several places and could not find this beautiful pattern, neither free nor paid… BUT I ASK: If you find this pattern please tell me the place, the designer, the site or the marketplace to buy it from, I need it for real. But how will I make this pattern? READ THE IDEA CAREFULLY!

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt
Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

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For you to understand my thinking I did the following, I reasoned that a patchwork quilt is a work manufactured from several pieces of fabric sewn together. They are usually squares or rectangles of different colors and textures, but can be any shape. The sewing technique used in making a patchwork quilt is the same as that used in making a normal quilt.

The origin of the patchwork quilt is uncertain, but it is believed that it appeared in Europe in the 17th century. At that time, women used the scraps of clothing left over to make patchwork quilts.

Today, the patchwork quilt is a very popular decorative object. It can be used to cover a bed, to decorate a sofa, or even to decorate a wall.

There are several patchwork quilt patterns, but the most common is the square pattern. This pattern is easy to make and allows the artist to make various combinations of colors and textures. To make a patchwork quilt, you will need:

  • – Cotton or flannel fabric;
  • -Scissors;
  • – Thread and needle;
  • – Ruler;
  • – Drawing paper.

Start by choosing the fabrics you will use for the patchwork quilt. The fabrics should have different colors and textures so that the final result is more interesting. Cut the fabrics according to the size you want for the patchwork quilt.

Then draw a square on the paper, transfer the design to the fabric, and pin the four corners with the thread and needle. Repeat this process until all the fabric is covered.

When you are finished, sew the fabrics together using the quilt sewing technique. This process is a bit more complicated, but with practice you can do it quickly.

Finally, decorate the patchwork quilt with embroidery, bows, or buttons. This is the most fun part because you can use your imagination to create interesting designs. REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE THE BASICS OF THE BASICS SO THAT I CAN COME TO THE CONCLUSION OF WHAT I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT NOW.

Well, with this idea in mind I put together 2 PDF’s, that’s right TWO PDF’s of different patterns and put them together into one. How did I do this?

First if you look at the picture below you will see that the center is a normal Log Cabin so I used a pattern from this article here ->> www.generations-quilt-patterns.com then I paid more attention and saw that the autumn leaves are kind of stitched on top of the log cabin pattern https://suzyquilts.com/ well, then I looked for a pattern and found the pattern on this site here (which is free).

Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt
Autumn Splendor patchwork quilt

IDEA: make the leaves first and then make the pattern for the long cabin blocks, but I realized when I zoomed in on the pattern that the leaves are actually not sewn on top of the log cabin but together with pattern… what a headache so I made a drawing to get an idea, and ran threads around it to get the right size!

The patchwork quilt is a very interesting and creative craft. If you enjoy crafts, this is a great project to get you started. Insert email to download the pattern.

File saved from Viruses and Spam. Your pattern will be sent to your email. Remember this pattern is an idea to do.
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