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Boxing the Compass Throw Quilt Pattern

Boxing the Compass Throw Quilt Pattern is a pattern that has become fashionable   with whole or patchwork fabrics, always preserving the beauty of the fabrics.Boxing the Compass Throw Quilt Pattern has exactly this idea of preserving not only the beauty of the fabrics, of the flaps involved, but it brings back the idea of comfort, of tranquility when working with bedspreads or with blankets.

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Boxing the Compass Throw Quilt Pattern

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Boxing the Compass Throw Quilt Pattern

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This quilt pattern is also a Compass quilt is striking in limes and blues, but easily give it a nautical feel with grays and navy, or find an entirely new approach. No matter what hues you choose, this quilt will look at home in your space! And for that it was completed with the size of 67″ x 79″ .

Dies used to complete this pattern:

Daisy (55327)
Square-2″ (55022)
Square-2 1/2″ (55059 or 55018)
Square-3 1/2″ (55006)
Square on Point- 2 1/8″ Finished (Cut 2 5/8″) (55394)
Triangle in Square-3″ Finished (55027)
Half Square-1 1/2″ Finished Triangle (55319)
Half Square-4 1/2″ Finished Triangle (55397)
Quarter Square-2″ Finished Triangle (55393)
Quarter Square-3″ Finished Triangle (55396)
Quarter Square-4 1/2″ Finished Triangle (55398)
Strip-2 1/2″ (55014 or 55017)
Strip Cutter-3 1/2″ (55074 or 55032)
Strip Cutter-6 1/2″ (55086)

From now on you can download this FULL PDF to do now or when you have a little time off in your work. We know that due to the COVID 19 several people have stopped making their seams for lack of some basic materials like thread and even fabrics;

So we openly recommend that you make this pattern using any type of fabrics that match, talk to each other so you don’t stand still, keep your mind and heart busy.

You can also change the colors, match according to your mood, as long as you are cheerful and very good astral, since we are in dark times OUR Sewing Beauty can bring MORE HEALTH and peace at this time.

Hands to work, download this PDF now, have fun even in difficulty, smile even in sadness keep your heart safe from day to day anxieties. Download now the PDF, YOUR COMMENT HERE BELOW, share in your social networks, help us help others. Always be happy when doing your sewing, always smile.

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