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Color Block Quilt Pattern

Color Block Quilt Pattern? Yes there are awesome patterns, there are amazing patterns, there is that differentiated pattern, which of these three do you qualify that we are here presenting to you now? I consider it as one of the simplest and most beautifully crafted patterns. Do you feel like making it? 4 color quilt patterns block, why no?

Color Block Quilt Pattern

Color Block Quilt Pattern
Color Block Quilt Pattern

The Color Block Quilt Pattern is a charming and beautifully worked out colorful pattern, and brings even more positive points for you who like to make patterns because it causes optical illusion as if it were 3D. Have you ever imagined making a pattern like this?

You will be amazed at how quickly you can put together this amazing quilt! The optical illusion is easy to achieve with good fabric choices and the piecing is quite simple. Full instructions and color photos will take you step by step through the entire quilt making process, from fabric buying to applying the binding.

Well the pattern is about framed cuts all of the same size being six rows with six blocks with the colors of the different fabrics in the case turned to prints of the most varied types and for sure it is a type of pattern that you will like to make for its simplicity.

This pattern he is so interesting to make the description one is a little complicated but it is so impossible an advice that I give to you especially if you have atelier of sale I believe that this would be a good ask and the differential is you use different prints for the pattern the more different has better print will be the combination of colors at the time that will also make the difference.

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For you to download this pattern just access the link here unfortunately it is not a free pattern but it is worth it if you buy it for $8 which in my opinion is very cheap. Those that are our readers that download other articles here we are going to give away this one and at the end of the month together with another very nice pattern Stay tuned you will like this article for sure. Download pattern here or try this:

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