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Amish Skies Quilt Pattern free

Amish Skies Quilt Pattern this yes is a pattern differentiated by the colors, in this case the prints of the fabrics as well as the interesting way that responsible for the design SANDRA L. HATCH did was really beautiful and different, after all not always marry the green print with pink is not so simple even more so when you have geometries, ie, cuts of different fabrics, see the image right here below with care and review: What did you think of this beautiful pattern?

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Amish Skies Quilt Pattern free
Amish Skies Quilt Pattern free

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Amish Skies Quilt Pattern

Amish Skies Quilt Pattern by Sandra L. Hatch has an extra charm, but really until now I haven’t really had a moment to think about this wonderful pattern that you can download, but looking at the picture we get the impression still that the pattern might be for a holiday, but in fact you can use it for everything at home, on your bed or your children’s bed.

There are other details about this pattern that I want to share with you, because the Amish Skies Quilt Pattern PDF shows some information that may be interesting for us, or in fact for those who want to make the pattern so they won’t waste time if they don’t like it when they download the PDF which by the way is very well done.

Let’s go to the detailed information of the pattern that I reposted by Sandra L. Hatch and found by chance on the site free-quilting.com.

Amish Skies Quilt Pattern – INFO

  • Black fabric with dots, a twist on the black solid of Amish quilts, creates movement in this star-design bed quilt.
  1. Skill Level: Beginner
  2. Quilt Size: 88″ x 102″
  3. Block Size: 14″ x 14″
  4. Number of Blocks: 30


All fabrics are batiks.


Step 1. Press quilt top on both sides; check for proper seam pressing and trim all loose threads. Step 2. Sandwich batting between the stitched top and the prepared backing piece; pin or baste layers together to hold. Quilt on marked lines and as desired by hand or machine.

Step 3. When quilting is complete, remove pins or basting. Trim batting and backing fabric edges even with raw edges of quilt top.

Step 4. Join binding strips on short ends with diagonal seams to make one long strip; trim seams to 1/4″ and press seams open.

Amish Skies Quilt Pattern free
Amish Skies Quilt Pattern free

Step 5. Fold the binding strip in half with wrong sides together along length; press.

Step 6. Sew binding to quilt edges, matching raw edges, mitering corners and overlapping ends. Step 7. Fold binding to the back side and stitch in place to finish. ‚óŹ

As you can notice this pattern is different, beautiful that combines the prints of black, green, pink and other colors, also combines square parts as well as triangular making the star that in the case is the main part of the pattern and of course the perfect combination of everything.

We really hope that everyone reading this article now or later has the same taste and find it beautiful, and if you work in a quilt store or are a seamstress and want things differentiated this pattern is an excellent idea to do and change the colors also giving other formats in their colors. Download Amish Skies Quilt Pattern 01 – or

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