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Different Twist pattern free

Different Twist pattern is that kind of pattern that is really different and very well chosen as to the colors and the way it was well done the marriage between them in this pattern that as my husband says is very different. First of all it is important to know that this pattern is NOT OURS but Designed by Linda Miller’s, which you can find in the blog www.free-quilting.com. Visit it as soon as you can to see more wonders.

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Different Twist pattern
Different Twist pattern

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Different Twist pattern

Some patterns like these are very important to have in our collections, especially if you are looking for novelties for your customers and always keep new and the most beautiful ones. Another nice thing is that each pattern can be made in any way you like. What do you mean you might ask?

Well in my personal response I really like to make each pattern meaningful. Why do I think this way? The reason is that when we make something meaningful it becomes one of the best possible, the designs, the colors and even the purpose for which it was made becomes one of the best.

Another more important thing is that when we have clients we sometimes spend hours at the sewing or finishing machine to be able to do our best and thus maintain a beautifully made pattern. Let’s take a look now at our Different Twist pattern?

100% cotton fabric is the best fabric to make a patchwork quilt. However there are some preparations that we have to have before starting our projects. However, in this post I will teach you how to make patchwork in a correct way and without unexpected surprises.

To begin with always wash your fabrics before using them to see if any of them shed dyes or shrink (all cotton fabrics shrink a little). This simple procedure can prevent you from losing all your work. Although you can find good quality fabrics on the market, some can still give you a few scares. Try to wash them separately and let them dry in the shade without stretching the fabric.

There are people who like to iron the fabric and then cut them because it is easier to do so.
Iron the fabric by the length, folding by the width, this will help when cutting. This way you win, which is very important.

Buy quality fabrics, especially the tricoline fabrics, with their tighter wefts, they are thicker, which prevents them from losing their shape. Good quality fabrics add value to your pieces because of their quality.

Keep your fabrics separated by size, color, and away from dust and direct sunlight. Even scraps can be stored in organizer boxes. The more organized you are, the easier it is to find them. In the world of patchwork nothing is wasted, everything can be used and transformed into beautiful pieces! Remember, a finished patchwork quilt can never be stored in plastic Different Twist pattern free.

Make intelligent use of the fabrics to get the most out of each one. For in my time in patchwork I have found that we can make miracles with little fabric. Invest in plain fabrics that give a charm to the pieces and are also cheaper.

After choosing your project, separate the fabrics and cut squares, rectangles, and strips. Connect the sides right to right with a straight seam. If necessary, place pins to secure the seam. Don’t forget to open the seams when you are done. Make as many blocks as necessary to make the desired size of your quilt. A tip I give to beginners is to start by making baby quilts or blankets to cover or decorate.

Don’t look for perfection, Different Twist pattern free but do your best without exaggeration. With time you will naturally improve, discovering techniques to make your work easier, and we always have something to learn.PATTERN FREE: TUTORIAL PDF

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