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Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns Beautiful wound pattern that besides quilt is also the duvet. The blue colors are on the rise this year and with that we are bringing several patterns in PDF that have made many women and men who work with fabrics and cheer us up by bringing. This pattern is a kind of floral blue with very beautiful brightness like knowing a little bit more about it now.

Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns

Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns
Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns


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This free pattern is for people who have level and intermediate and of course you will need some products as shown below, but you will have these products described in the pdf this you can be sure.

The instructions and abbreviations as well as the way to leave the cuts of the fabrics to assemble this quilt or duvet in case you want to do it are also in the complete step by step description.

What actually differs to make this quilt even more beautiful and also to be used with duvet is the type of fabric that you should use good quality and if you want to look shiny. For example, a fabric that shines a lot is silk and there are several prints for this fabric that leave your mouth open.

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Now if you want to make a comfortable and warm duvet for cold days you will need to put at least one or two sheets of fine Sponge or as you like it after you have stitched or fixed the foam on the front you should then put the bottom and sew it all together.

Then you can pass the machine making drawings to your liking so following PDF you can make the finishing of your work even more beautiful. This way we are going to start with some technical parts and right below you can also download your free PDF.

Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns
Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns

A small observation is that this pattern was not made by us but by spotlightstories.com we encourage you to access and know other beautiful works that they also have Let’s go then with our article?


Fabric Requirements:

  • Fabric A – Medallion – Midnight – 4498-77 …. 1 5/8 yard
  • Fabric B – Ombre Texture – Purple – 4495-55 …. 2 1/2 yards
  • Fabric F – Birds & Wildflowers – Midnight – 4492-77 …. 3/4 yard
  • Fabric J – Birds & Wildflowers – Eggplant 4492-58 – 7/8 yard
  • Fabric N – Fern – Midnight – 4497-77 … 1 1/8 yard
  • Fabric P – Medallion – Light Spruce – 4498-76 …. ? yard
  • Fabric R – Agate Texture – Midnight – 4499-77 …. 3 1/8 yard
  • Fabric T – Ombre Texture – Midnight – 4495-77 …. 2 7/8 yards
  • Fabric U – Dandelion – Midnight – 4496-77 …. 1 5/8 yard
  • Backing Fabric – Medallion – Light Spruce – 4498-76 …. 4 1/4 yards

Includes Binding

Peppered Cottons Collection

Additional Supplies Needed

Batting 75″ x 85″ (Recommended: Air Lite Colour Me 100% Cotton)

Piecing and sewing thread

Quilting and sewing supplies

Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns
Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful work with floral print fabrics. Now you can download your file and make it for your personal use or who knows how to sell it Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns.


WE NEED you to comment that give us your opinion about Feathers and Floral Quilt Free Patterns  so that we can always know what you like best and thus always seek to bring more news, patterns, bags, and soon we will start with sewing patterns! To the next!

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