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Free optical illusion quilt patterns

Free optical illusion quilt patterns? Are you having fun making your Optical Illusion quilt? This week it’s time to sew our cut units into the blocks. Follow along in the quilt pattern on pages 3-4 and pay close attention to what goes where. It’s simple to sew but the key is to follow the diagrams precisely for proper fabric placement.

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Free optical illusion quilt patterns

Free optical illusion quilt patterns
Free optical illusion quilt patterns

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Quilting is a great way to make something beautiful and useful out of stuff that has otherwise outlived its usefulness. Enjoy this collection of free quilt patterns for every level of quilter.

One of the great things about quilts is that you can make them from recycled fabric. Take the good parts of old sweaters or other materials that have seen better days.

You can mix these fabric pieces in with brand new ones, or wait until you have enough old scraps for an entire quilt. You’re only limited by ideas and creativity, so here are lots of ideas to get you started. Pattern was in lemonquilts.com

Did you know how easy it is to create interesting optical illusions out of fabric? Wait till you see all the great quilts. It contains a bunch of fresh, new patterns perfect for the New Year. Take a look at it as you start planning your projects for the next few months, since I bet you’ll find something you like in this issue.

In fact, this pattern block big is sensational to the point where we are curious after it is done how it gets fabrics to be in 3D, which is actually this optical illusion that we have in the fabric, actually in the work done successfully.

We hope that this free optical illusion quilt pattern has given you the incredible sensation that the fabric or your blanket or quilt is alive before your eyes!

To download your free optical illusion quilts patterns just click the button below. Make good use of this wonderful pattern.

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  1. optical illusion quilt patterns – either i am blind or the download button has disappeared. help please. would love to have this pattern.

  2. I created this illusion quilt. I made five quilts then pieced 4 of the together to make a much larger quilt and use the fifth panel for a baby quilt. When I pieced the four together, I had to add the “R” piece to make the panels flow into one another. I was so happy with the results. If you’d like o see a picture of it, please send me a link.

    • Great and magnificent work rebeca I want yes! If you can and wish you can make a tutorial as you did and if you allow you would let me create an article and publish on facebook along with your photo? If you allow I would be very happy of course all credits yours. can show here in [email protected]


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