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On The Fly Quilt Pattern is a wonderful pattern that you have several colors being based by your prints on each fabric of different colors that type of prints, but pulled for a single purpose birds.¬† Now let’s start talking about this pattern that I at least thought was very beautiful, and you can of course have and say in the comments below your point of view.

On The Fly Quilt Pattern Free

The prints can also be of various types of animals pulling with the colors and in the end what is to define the combination of smooth fabric that will make the separation between the rectangles or squares. This patterns is from designed: Mary Helen Schiltz  from allpeoplequilt.com.

On The Fly Quilt Pattern
On The Fly Quilt Pattern

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On The Fly Quilt Pattern  interesting thing for each pattern that we do what we really want is that combining prints is not always easy because if you use several squares with the same pattern it would not look very cool.

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Quilt Pattern Free

This way On The Fly Quilt Pattern shows that we can use several prints with the same type, but of different sizes and colors. This pattern for example you have here birds of various breeds as well as species of various colors. From allpeoplequilt.com.

On The Fly Quilt Pattern you can also use the special couple as Christmas, occasions of the most diverse and expensive that not every pattern that we will necessarily make need to be for special occasion you can use this pattern for anything else in your home as for example you simply see in the image a piece to be on the couch.

Still talking about this pattern the red strips that separate these square rectangles and preferred is that made a charm of this bedspread, you can do the same work also for a blanket or for a treadmill including being able to make various combinations.

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I particularly will make this quilt, On The Fly Quilt Pattern also combining with pillows or some cushions I think it looks very good not to mention that embellished a little more the house itself you can notice in the image that has a pillow a unique color, but not different from the prints.

On The Fly Quilt Pattern
On The Fly Quilt Pattern


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