Picnic Play Throw Quilt Pattern is a simply practical and wonderful pattern for a nice Picnic Play – agree? Of course, if you have children and are going to make this pattern they will not only want to play with this quilt at the picnic, but also whenever they can. Do you know where else you can use this practical quilt construction?

Picnic Play Throw Quilt Pattern

Picnic Play Throw Quilt Pattern
Picnic Play Throw Quilt Pattern

You can use this practical pattern on rainy days, in the park, when your child goes to summer camp, and on all sorts of other occasions. Looking closely at the picture above you can see that we can make 3 games.

The chess board is for checkers and, of course, chess. Already the other serves to play the Old Man’s Game and a game well known in Brazil that is Boz√≥, (particularly I learned on youtube, was in Portuguese but if you pay attention to the explanation and put subtitles is quite easy). This is a pattern from accuquilt.com

Picnic Play Throw Quilt Pattern is a simple pattern actually, that you can put the fabrics in the colors that best suit your family or children. I was forgetting that you can use real pieces of chess or checkers or cut out fabric and identify which piece it is, for example in the chess part you can put the pattern of a horse and so on.

In the old folks’ game you will need fabric cut out in circles and in the shape of a cross or X. It’s up to your taste. The tip I can give you is to put fiber and make both the circle and the chess and checkerboard pieces.

We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful pattern and of course can make this wonderful play Picnic throw pattern for your children and even for you to play together at home.

To download it is very simple just follow the link accuquilt.com and download. But remember that if for some reason you can not access the site or even download you can then use the button below.

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