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Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern free

Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020 is a wonderfully easy pattern to make that we put at your disposal for those of you who heart desire an easy pattern to make using only the fabrics in your home, workshop or shop. Why do we offer a simple but beautiful pattern with few colors, but with many different cuts?

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Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020

Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020
Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020

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Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern’s idea 2020 was an idea we had due to one of our customers who likes to buy our products made and according to her needed something that could do with few colors of fabrics at home, but that would be beautiful.

So in our search we found for her and even for us here also a wonderful pattern that by the way brought us ideas to make a quilt or even a cozy blanket with few colors and few fabrics that we have at home.

The biggest reason said is that the Pandemic that we are going through is not only in the United States, but in everybody has not decreased as expected. There are even regions of the world where the pandemic has grown and left the income of the place practically at ZERO!

Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020
Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern idea 2020

That is why our reader sent us this letter: “Dear friends of Quilt Instructions, I have been following you since the first site that perhaps always gave me good ideas for work and helped you more and more to earn my living. But this time we are passing by, because with COVID-19 our income has dropped by 90%, my husband became unemployed, factories, stores and commerce in the city have been closed for over 30 days.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Not knowing what to do I decided to write to you to ask for a different help, I need ideas that can help me earn an income using the few varieties of fabric I have. There are no more factories open, no more shops to buy fabrics, and all I have left are about 4 types of large quantity fabrics to make something.

So and because of that I write to you, to have ideas, PDF patterns that can help me of what to do and how to do with those 4 colors of fabrics that I have available. Please help me”.

Quilt Instructions answer for Jenny

Jenny we are looking for something on the internet that can really help you and who else needs a simple pattern that can be used with 2, 3, 4 and even more types of fabrics or colors of fabrics.

This pattern is not ours, but it was very well designed by Marcus Fabrics website and design by Vanessa Goertzen. This pattern is Primo Plaids Quilt Pattern. So in the button below you can quietly download your Primo Plaids PDF and make beautiful quilts for sale. If you like this article and can help someone, how about sharing it with your friends on Facebook? Leave your comment here below so you can also get a great result.

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